Tracking Your Order

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Tracking Your Order
I know you’re eager to receive your furniture. Who wouldn’t be, especially with a selection such as yours... However patience is a virtue, it takes many dedicated craftsman and hours of time to create my handcrafted goods. Once your item(s) are created, my expert packers load a container, ready to be bulk shipped from my warehouse - a cost effective method - I do after all like to make luxury living as accessible as possible.  
All up, you’re looking at approximately 8-12 weeks from order to delivery - keep track of your order* progress by completing the fields above and watch as your order makes it's way across the seven seas...
Allow me to explain: 
1. I receive your order and it is added to the current container being built, awaiting other orders from around Australia to be bulk shipped at once. 
2. The container is loaded onto the ship and it travels approximately 4-6 weeks to arrive to me, here in Sydney. 
3. The container is decanted and sorted at my delivery partner's warehouse, where the boxes of my luxury items are organised for the next leg of their trip. 
4. The last step involves awaiting a call from my delivery partners to book in a suitable time for delivery or in some cases, collection from the warehouse. This usually occurs approximately 2-3 weeks from your order arriving in Sydney.
It's no mean feat coordinating bulk shipments involving an extensive shipping network and expert team, but rest assured, you're order is in safe hands...
*Please note, the order tracker is updated weekly, for further updates, please contact 
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