Process & Promise


In my experience the best way is often the simplest. Except, perhaps, when it comes to winning a woman's heart. But when it comes to designing, manufacturing and delivering quality home furnishings and objects, I do prefer to keep things as easy and pain free as possible - for you and me both.

For starters I've already done all the hard work sourcing the best international designs for you. And no, not all of that was easy at all, especially when one is being chased out of a bazar by scimitar wielding General hell bent on avenging his only daughter's honour.  

You'll be pleased to learn she was worth it.  And that once I had calmed (bribed) the General and relieved him of his mighty blade, I used it to slay the middle men. Metaphorically speaking of course. You see, all my pieces are delivered factory direct, saving you hard earned cash whilst affording you the highest quality and value.

And speaking of the factory, I personally choose the craftsmen who create each piece, so you can rest assured that every detail has been considered, and every piece is special.  And of course, everything I sell complies with International Furniture Construction Standards. After all, like you I value quality, craftsmanship and the unique above all else.  

I believe in treating each item like treasure, so your items will always be professionally packed for international freight. Yet, it breaks my heart to tell you that occasionally, rarely, almost never, bad things do happen. If they do, make sure to help me deliver on my promise to you by reporting any damages on delivery and trust and know that I will do all that I can to make it right.  

And finally please note that each item is made just for you.  So when you order a chair from me, it has to be made before it can be shipped.  This means you might have to exercise patience which I do understand can be most challenging at times. However it does take a little time to save you so much money, and I know when you finally do receive your order, you will agree, it was worth the wait.

- Max