Max's Currency

My practiced negotiating tactics and propensity toward cost-effective processes allow me to provide my own rather unique pricing on my luxury furniture goods, far out-weighing any other cost to quality ratio for designer furniture online, or indeed, within Australia.  Allow me to explain…

This unique pricing I speak of is thanks in part to my “economies of scale”, which in basic terms translates to: I manufacture and ship orders in bulk, allowing for the first factor in cost-reduction and therefore leading me to label my purchase price as the MAX Price, my own currency if you will. 

Now, lead times are a factor of shipping any luxury furniture aesthetic to the isolated continent that is Australia, but, as any innovator would, I’ve capitalised on this to again promote savings of the dollar kind; I won’t keep stock on-shore, thus eliminating those pesky storage fees from the purchase price. Yes lead times are part and parcel of taking delivery of designer aesthetics, but my lead times are such that, although you may wait, the outlay of hard-earned coin is considerably less. 

There are a number of other factors that contribute to the overall MAX Price for products, but I’ll leave it at this: negotiating. My negotiating skills are second to none, and might I add, make considerable difference to the purchase prices for my furniture products online and in-store.

My competitors shake in their boots when they see my retail prices striked though, after all, with my network, expertise and processes (not to mention enviable aesthetics…) why pay retail prices, when you can pay MAX prices. 

So, make order for your side tables, sofas, consoles, occasional chairs and bedroom furniture safe in the knowledge that my unique MAX Prices are carefully considered, all the way to the absolute bottom dollar.

I’ve created my own currency it seems, rather fitting for a globetrotter like myself. USD, AUD, MAX*, I know which one I prefer…

*all orders are processed in AUD.