Floor Stock Terms and Conditions

Floorstock Purchases:

1.    Floorstock or clearance items including Décor are purchased in the condition as displayed. It is the responsibility of the Customer to inspect any floorstock or clearance items prior to purchase, report any potential issues at point of sale and be satisfied with the condition of the item(s) they are purchasing.

2.    No cooling-off period applies on floorstock or clearance purchases. Once a floorstock or clearance purchase has been finalised, Max Sparrow will not offer any refund, exchange, credit or replacement.

3.    All floorstock or clearance purchases will be delivered to the Customer or can be picked up by the Customer within a reasonable timeframe, which will be stipulated by Max Sparrow on a case by case basis

4. Max Sparrow reserves the right to keep a purchased floorstock or clearance item on the floor for a reasonable amount of time between the Customer’s purchase and the delivery or pick-up of the item. Max Sparrow will at all times protect any sold floorstock or clearance item to the best of its ability until the item is removed from the floor.