You’ve got questions? I’ve got answers. Let’s do this.



I would like to view the Max Sparrow range of products – Do you have a physical store location?

Short answer: I currently trade online with a Clearance Outlet located in Auburn, Sydney.

Long answer: To view locations, trading hours and contacts details of my showroom please click here. 


Please note that not everything on the website is displayed in the showroom.


Can I choose any other options to what you have displayed on the site?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Maybe someday.  For now I’m focused on taking orders for only the products currently shown on this website. That said, I am constantly updating the collection, and if you sign up I’ll make sure you’re the first to know.



What payment methods does Max Sparrow accept?

Short answer: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, EFT Transfer, Zip Money, WeChat Pay and Paypal.

Long answer: In the past I’ve been known to accept the occasional train of camels and, once, a very rare emerald necklace, but in general, the above ways to pay are probably best.


What will appear on my credit card statement?

Short answer: Saveba Pty Ltd

Long answer: A much smaller number than if you had shopped anywhere else.


How do I know that it is safe to use my credit card on the Max Sparrow website?

Short answer: You don't, but we do!

Long answer: We use Secure Pay as they are the most secure payment platform currently available in the market. 


What are your warranty terms and conditions?

Short Answer: Pretty good if I say so myself 

Long answer: I’m so confident in my product offering that I offer a 12 month structural warranty on all pieces. Not that you’ll need it, my furniture pieces are as sturdy as they come. In the event of any damage, big or small, look to my Warranty page by clicking here. Both my Product Warranty and Returns & Refund Policy are compliant with Australian Consumer Law.


Do you store my credit card details?

Short answer: No

Long answer: I don’t have access to your bank details and I’ll never store your credit card details. Shopify who are our ecommerce platform safely and securely store credit card details for a period of 2 months after the sale to allow refunds to be processed if necessary. We do not have access to this data.


Do I need to sign for my delivery?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: It is important for someone to be home when your items are delivered to provide a proof of delivery signature, as well as confirmation that the items arrived in good condition. It doesn’t necessarily have to be you, but then you’ll miss out on all the fun.

If no one is at home at the agreed time of delivery, your items will be sent back with the delivery truck to their warehouse. Because I employ a third party for the delivery you would be liable for these extra costs.

For my in home design service, my Design Consultants will be on hand to coordinate any deliveries, so you can relax with a glass of champagne while we take care of the install.


What are cookies?

Short answer: Delicious.

Long answer: Ok, computer cookies are not delicious.  But they do help make your shopping experience smooth. Essentially what they are is small files of data sent from a website that are stored in your web browser whilst you are browsing. Cookies don’t collect any personal information about you, but they will help me understand how you use my website, and will enable me to provide you with a better experience on your future visits.


What delivery company do you use?

Short answer: The best

Long answer: I use high end third party delivery companies that have years of knowledge and engagement in the niche market of high-end furniture logistics, transport, warehousing and labour hire.


Do you deliver Internationally?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: We don't deliver outside of metropolitan Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast within Australia... Not yet.


Can I change my address details after I have placed an order?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: If you need to change your delivery address, please email me and I will see to it that your items find you in your new location.


How do I care for my goods?

Short answer: Lovingly

Long answer: I have developed a helpful to-do list of things that will help your hard wearing Max Sparrow furniture live a long happy life. Get it here


What is Formaldehyde?

Short Answer: CH2O. 

Long Answer: Formaldehyde, also known as methanol, is a common compound found both naturally in the environment and within industrial processes, forming the building blocks to more complex chemical equations and materials. It is commonly used in the creation of products including, but not limited to, resins, plastics, carpeting, paints and tissues. 

You'll find Formaldehyde is mentioned on many high end international furniture pieces - and as such, on a selection of my products - due to Californian law. Although my eponymous store is based in Australia, my wares are known to make their way into in the States and hence must comply, lest I get myself into unnecessary woes. Formaldehyde is dangerous for consumption in large quantities (hence the reason for the label), so please don’t eat or drink my North Hampton Sofa. 


What are some ways to stay up to date with Max Sparrow

Short answer: Electronically, or in store.

Long answer: I’m a huge fan of Carrier Pigeons, Morse Code and telegrams. Lord knows they’ve gotten me out of a spot of trouble in the past, but these days there are several easier options.

Sign up to my newsletter, Find me on Facebook, Pinterest and  Instagram. And of course email. And if you feel like a live chat, you can always see if I’m online here.

Or visit your nearest showroom for the latest arrivals.

If you need to get in touch with us, please phone 1300 818 558.


How long will it take to receive my furniture?

Short answer: Approximately 2 Months.

Long answer: I could give you a longer answer, but I’m sure you’d rather I just go crack the whip in the workshop so your items arrive on time. 


How much does delivery cost?

Short answer: It varies.

Long answer: Delivery costs vary on depending on where you live and how much space your items use within a delivery vehicle. Rest assured I have negotiated hard with my delivery company to get you the best prices possible. You can easily calculate your delivery charge on each product page, or in bulk by entering your delivery details within the checkout process. To read more on delivery charges, click here


Can I purchase floor stock?

Short answer: Yes.

Long Answer: It’s not too often that I allow my furniture out of my showrooms, excepting the occasional photo shoot (my pieces are famous in their own right)… I do however enjoy an interior refresh as much as the next person, and a floor stock sale does allow me to indulge myself!

Often your last chance to own a particular design, my floor stock sales allow for the possibility to pick up an item for a fraction of an already reduced price. However, please note that floor stock items may not be in brand new condition, and for that reason, we prefer for you to visit the showroom and inspect the piece in person before placing your order. 

In stock pieces are available for delivery in 1- 2 weeks* to Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Brisbane metropolitan areas only.


Can I return an Item?

Short answer: Why on Earth would you ever want to?

Long answer: OK, I do understand that sometimes, rarely, almost never, things go wrong or don’t come out as expected. Circumstances and minds change, and I always like to be as obliging as possible. This is why I have cracking Returns and Refunds Policy which covers all your purchases. For more information on my Return and Refund policy please click here. Returns on floor stock pieces are generally not accepted. 



What does ‘Last Few, Order Now’ mean?

Short answer: Get in quick!

Long Answer: When a product has the ‘Last Few, Order Now’ tag on it, this means that there is under 10 left in my International Warehouse for possible purchase. This stock can move quickly as some orders are for 10 or more. As such it can change from 10 to 0 overnight and we recommend that you purchase now to save disappointment. Often the items will come back into stock within a couple of months, however, we strongly recommend you purchasing it as soon as you can to save your lead time from extending out further than 10-12 weeks. 


What is Black Label?

Short answer: An example of stunning design.

Long answer: Without showing any favouritism amongst my collections, my Black Label pieces exemplify luxury living. Although all of my designs are high end, this selection is a little higher, rivalling the quality you see in international luxury brands, and as usual, it gives me great pleasure in being able to offer it to you at a fraction of the price. Investment pieces with enduring style, the superiority in quality far outweighs the expense; the highest quality materials, concentrated detailing and expert craftsmanship define my Black Label collection and provide that extra touch of indulgence for the discerning interior.


Are there any terms around exclusive offers and discounts?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Unless I have expressly permitted in writing, all discounts are not to be used in conjunction with any other offer and are applied to the full price of my items unless specified otherwise.