About Max

Dear Friends,                                                                                                             

Firstly, I feel compelled to thank you for your interest in my life and my life's work. 

Over the years I've travelled many miles around our bountiful planet to source interesting furniture at affordable prices.

Rest assured, Max Sparrow, will be your trusted advisor and proud purveyor of handcrafted, quality furniture items designed around the globe. I promise you the best is yet to come.

My dream is to share some of my favourite furniture discoveries with you, so that you too may enjoy a level of comfort that before now, was perhaps unknown.

Here on this website you are sure to discover special pieces to make your home just that much more enviable and enjoyable, not to mention make your heart flutter. And all for prices that make living in luxury more accessible than ever before. 

With my network, expertise and well practised negotiating tactics you will always get the goods.  And they'll come delivered direct to you without any annoying middlemen along the way to jack up the cost.

How am I able to offer you savings, you may ask? – Well, I’ll never reveal all my secrets, but I'll gladly share how I'm able to offer such superior savings.

Why not have what you want and what you need? And why wait when you can have it now? 

We live in the modern world after all. We truly can have it all, if, and I daresay it’s a big if, you can find it. Lucky for you, dear friend, I have. No more will you have to toil away searching high and low for that special piece only to return home with nothing more than bags full of raw disappointment to show for your efforts.

Enjoy your stay, peruse at your leisure, and whatever you do, be anything other than ordinary.

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