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Wall Mirrors:  An Instant Interior Update

oval mirror with gold fram

Long used to create the optical illusion of expansiveness in small spaces, wall mirrors can be an instant – and affordable - interior update to an entryway or rooms throughout the home. Keeping this in mind, look to my collection of unique mirrored pieces to find a wall mirror that reflects and amplifies your interior décor. 

Antique Allure

A study in soft, sophisticated luxury, antiqued mirror combines old and new design principles through an aged effect that reflects modern-day glamour all the while showcasing a distressed aesthetic that is both an appreciation of the past and a nod to a style that is very new and now.

Antiqued mirror also features natural variances that ensure no two pieces are entirely the same, allowing the finish a fascinating uniqueness that encourages passersby to take a closer look again and again. Indeed, the unique mottled façade of antiqued mirror suggests a mystery that will never be completely solved, no matter how many times you study the clues.

antiqued mirror wall mirror

Take, for example, my Sherwood Mirror, it's characteristics bridging the gap between furnishing and art. With its elongated oval sectioning setting off distinctively distressed and uniquely patterned antiqued mirror pieces, it provides an accent that is stunning, yet subtle enough to suit almost any setting. Try it above a sideboard in the dining room to provide a one-of-a-kind conversation starter for dinner guests or above a console table in your entryway to set a sophisticated tone for your entire home.

square wall mirror

A mirror within mirrors, the Datt Mirror frames a central bevelled reflective surface with a classic Greek key pattern and antiqued mirror detailing. Visually fascinating layers make it the perfect piece for breaking up the monotony of a long hallway wall or as an unconventional, infinitely interesting, option above a bedroom dresser.  

Likewise, the antiqued mirror effect surrounding the Antique Octagon Mirror creates a layered luxe look that makes it equally at home in a modern bedroom as a traditional accent in a dining room or living room. Defined angles also create a perfect contrast when perched above shapely pieces such as those similar to my Nottingham Timber Dresser.  

Maximise Light and Space with Mirrors

timber framed mirror

It's no secret, mirrors are an obvious way to create the illusion of space in small settings. Try a floor-length mirror like the Manhattan Shell Mirror to make any ceiling feel higher. Placed behind a cluster of furniture or on its own, the long profile of a rectangular mirror draws the eye up and carries it around the room, making any area feel lighter and brighter. Turn a rectangular mirror like the Bromham Tall Mirror on its side, hanging it between the celling and a door frame (or in another slender and unexpected spot), to make the most of every inch within a room.

For rooms that don’t have an abundance of windows or other sources of natural light, a mirror can also act as an ideal technique in accentuating interior light. Large mirrors, either mounted on a wall or leaning in a considered place offer a solution when interior design is hindered by dark and empty corners. Take cues from my Madison Mirror to reflect lamplight and natural illumination within a room, all the while creating an interior atmosphere of both space and lights. Not to mention, my Madison Mirror offers the best of romantic elegance in an antiqued mirror border...

Setting the Stage

Entryways and foyers are a natural setting for mirrors. In a large foyer, use one to anchor a sitting area while signalling the style for the rest of your rooms. In a smaller entryway, it becomes both pretty and practical as a stopping spot for both you and your guests to sneak a vanity glance before venturing to the paparazzi outside.

round mirror white and gold frame

In close quarters, consider pairing a wall mirror with a piece of furniture that also features reflective surfaces, such as the mirrored table top of the Antibes Console. The distinctively curvy profile of the Antibes provides an interesting contrast to the delicate intersecting metal square border of the Chapman Mirror.

Beyond Basics in the Bedroom

floor mirror in living room

Above a dresser isn’t the only spot to mount a mirror in the bedroom, floor mirrors are just as adept at providing on bedroom style. Use a mirror to instantly expand a small sitting area into a roomy place to relax, read, and unwind. Achieve the effect, which can also enhance a living room, by pairing a delicate table like the Chelsea Square Side Table with a comfortable chair that features fresh, light upholstery, such as the Kelsey High Back Chair. To complete the scene, add a large mirror, like the Payerne Mirror, mounted or leaned against a wall nearby.

Enhancing Dining Room Décor

Balance the bulk of a bold buffet with the seemingly delicate nature of a wall mirror. The dark and moody design of the Vittoria Buffet pairs perfectly with the interlocking circles and the minimalist metallic frame of the Vittoria Metal Luna Mirror, which ensures the dark timber of the buffet won't weigh down a dining room atmosphere.

 gold framed mirror in luxury dining room

Favour the modern luxe look? Continue the theme of gold and glass glam throughout the dining room; start with Carnaby Round Dining Table, which tops a base built of interlocking circles with a round glass table top, flank it with gold-leaf framed Forthside Chairs & finally, finish the look with the Patras Storage Unit, which features a classic Greek key design drawn on gold-finished drawers and a stunning Demilune profile that pairs perfectly with the sophisticated shape and the deco-inspired gold bullion detailing of the Gracie Oval Mirror.

Antiqued or bevellled - round, rectangular, or even octagonal - try these suggestions to find a mirror that reflects your style sensibilities. No matter which shape, size or design you choose, a well-placed mirror can instantly update and accent any space in your home.

Where is your favourite place for a mirror in your home? Share your design inspiration with my by leaving a note below:   
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