Interior Design: The Secret To Success

Interior Design: The Secret To Success

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What does it take to launch a successful Interior Design Service? In my case, plenty of passion, many years of working alongside stunning furniture pieces and a unique aesthetic all my own. Understanding various styles and optimising space for functionality as well as visual appeal certainly rank highly on my list, combined with a globetrotting habit, in order to stay abreast of the hottest trends… And last but not least, a specialised team I personally select, sharing my obsession with interiors, styling and design.

My position in the furnishing and home decoration industry undoubtedly provides me with an advantage in the creation of stylish and timeless interiors; I’ve already done the leg work sourcing unique furniture design and décor, all that remains is refining my ever expanding range to exclusively enhance an individual interior.

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This process is not a modest one, as simple as I may make it appear... There are four key steps (with plenty more secondary!) in the creation of a remarkable and distinctive home interior:


  1. The initial step in the process involves a home visit from two of my expert team, where personal aesthetics and key spaces are determined. Measurements will be taken and photographs snapped, all in the name of producing a space that is practical as well as breath taking.         


  1. I understand innately that each home is just as unique as its occupant, so sit back and relax as my team convenes, building a scheme based on individual considerations to produce a finessed interior design, complete with floor plan, mood board, product selection and styling suggestions.


  1. Encompassing a presentation from the dedicated team, welcoming feedback and drawing up the quote, the third step in the process before awaiting the installed result concludes the design process.


  1. Don’t worry, time awaiting the arrival of an order shipment for imminent install will pass faster than expected. A freshly styled luxury interior is the result, with this step involving more photos for my team to document their work, and of course share with me.


Each step of my Interior Design Service process is considered closely to create an exceptional and individual home interior, with a healthy dose of my finessed design panache. 

Looking to learn more about my Design Service? Leave a comment below, Click HERE, or contact me:

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Achieving Melbourne-Style Luxury Living

Achieving Melbourne-Style Luxury Living

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As much as I appreciate the bigger luxury hotel chains, one of my indulgences when travelling is booking accommodation at design-savvy boutique hotels. Because of the lower number of rooms available, the exclusivity of it makes it all the more luxurious – speaking to my inner-VIP. Generally speaking, boutique hotels offer unique and original interior design details, and are the perfect forms of inspiration for when you want to update your interior and furniture scheme. Melbourne seems to be the go-to place for on-trend designs, whether it is in interiors, or fashion, and it just so happens that two of my favourite boutique hotels are in Melbourne.

Both the Adelphi Hotel and Coppersmith offer very different interior design aesthetics, so what better way to share how to incorporate Melbourne-style luxury furniture to suit your own unique sense of style than a study into these two stunning interiors?

Whimsical and super-edgy, the Adelphi Hotel in Melbourne’s CBD, situated behind a warehouse-style façade in Flinders Lane, is you’ll find the treasure box of a hotel that is full of colour and pattern. Designed by internationally renowned interior designer, Fady Hatchem, the design features bold black and white chevron flooring, a mismatch of metals, and vibrant colours flowing throughout the hotel to create a cohesive, fun & elegant establishment.

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The luxury rooms are truly an amalgamation of styles; the black and white patterned details in the rooms give a light reference to a Hollywood Regency interior style, whilst the light timber detailing scattered throughout the rooms give a restrained nod to the ever-popular Scandinavian interior style. Pops of colour and graphics in homewares and decor only serve to add to the contemporary atmosphere. 

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Achieving the more-is-more look at home can be tricky – the last thing you want is for your interior to look overcrowded or stuffy! Take a cue from the Adelphi Hotel: a bold patterned rug and window furnishings act as the focal points, while the neutral luxury furniture pieces balance the busyness of the patterns. Play with different shapes and textures when it comes to the furniture and décor items – this will add quirk and character to the space whilst still looking elegant and chic.

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If mixed colours and patterns are too bold for your liking, then create a refined and cosy sanctuary inspired by the rooms at the Coppersmith, Melbourne… There's no shortage of gorgeous historic buildings dotting the Melbourne skyline and certainly no shortage of admiration for the architecture, so it’s no wonder that the owners of Coppersmith decided to turn the old Cricket Club Hotel in South Melbourne into a sophisticated, chic, and tranquil 15-room boutique hotel.

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Unlike the Adelphi Hotel, the Coppersmith presents a serene setting, complete with layers of neutral tones – the perfect backdrop for some much needed rest and relaxation. With help from celebrated interior design and architecture firm, Hassell, the Coppersmith incorporates materials and details that pay homage to the hotel’s predecessor as well as the building’s heritage.

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It’s the subtle layering of materials and textures that makes the Coppersmith so elegant without being lacklustre. When achieving this look in your home, opt for a monochromatic colour scheme for your interior – choosing variations of the one colour within furniture and homewares will create a light and cohesive look, and can really pop against a contrasting colour such as a dark charcoal or black (as seen in the Coppersmith). Maximise the height of your ceiling through the use of gorgeous s-fold sheer curtains; this will draw your eye up, while the sheer fabric allows gorgeous filtered light to penetrate the room for a soothing ambiance.

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For inspiration on luxury furnishings and interior design aesthetics, look no further than the Adelphi Hotel and Coppersmith in Melbourne to guarantee on-trend and chic interior inspiration for your home.

Designer in Focus : Lee Ledbetter

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Multi-talented in the disciplines of architecture and design, Los Angeles architect and interior designer, Lee Ledbetter, uses these talents to his to his advantage; integrating interiors and architecture through the consideration of furnishings, proportions and lighting from the outset of the project, Ledbetter creates not only an aesthetically pleasing space, but a cohesive interior.

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One such project is his residence on Esplanade Avenue in New Orleans. Called on to renovate an early 19th century home with modern sensibilities that manage to stay true to the historical context, Ledbetter set about returning the home to its original plan, all the while enlarging space for a look and feel of expanse. High ceilings and windows on adjacent facades only serve to reiterate this spaciousness.

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A dramatic palate of neutrals in sumptuous textures such as velvets, silks, leather and furs along with accents of gold were chosen to furnish the home, not only for a timeless appeal with chic sophistication, but to highlight the generous proportions of the rooms and the historical grandeur of the home. Ledbetter even proves his multi-disciplinary talents by custom designing furniture for the project; his opulent and unique sofas deliver on intense luxury, as well as complimenting the remaining furnishings and overall grandeur with both opulence and relevance.

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Although Ledbetter carefully matches cased openings, crown mouldings and baseboards for a renovation sympathetic to historical roots, an injection of modern sophistication keeps the interior current. Contrasting conflicting periods creates a dynamic interior aesthetic and adds contextual depth to the design; a highly sleek glass and gold dining table juxtaposed with 18th century re-upholstered dining chairs provides undeniable contemporary appeal and demonstrates Ledbetter’s penchant for a modernist signature.

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Supporting his forte in all things design, Ledbetter doesn’t shy away from a theatrical intervention; dark walls are the epitome of chic, and in combination with sumptuous, lavish tactile finishes such as fur and gold, Ledbetter delivers on a deluxe palate with dramatic accents.

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A contrasting palate of light and dark, along with deluxe materiality and furnishings provides an overall aesthetic of modern opulence, wielding results that are undeniably lust-worthy.

It's no wonder Ledbetter is regularly featured within top international publications and titles and has been described as “one of twenty outstanding talents in the design community”. 

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