Which of These Stylish Dining Suites Best Matches Your Personality?

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Would you consider yourself a traditionalist, a trend-setter, or something in between when it comes to design and decor in your dining room? Take this quiz to define your decorator personality; then, continue reading for suggestions on pieces to suit your style...

What would most likely be in your dinner party centrepiece?

a. All white flowers and accents.

b. I don’t do dinner parties or centrepieces.

c. Roses

d. An antique pitcher

e. A mix of sea-inspired decor and freshly cut blooms.

f. A diverse found objects.


Which of these colours or schemes dominate your decor?

a. Marsala

b. Metallic

c. Leather and rich red

d. Creams and beige

e. White

f. The colours in my decor range widely


Which of these items would you never vacation without?

a. A tablet computer

b. A leather jacket

c. A classic novel

d. A journal

e. A beach towel

f. All of the above

Which of these is your favourite artist?

a. Jackson Pollock

b. M.C. Escher

c. Rembrandt van Rijn

d. Henri Matisse

e. Art? I'd prefer an expansive ocean view.

f. Picasso

Which word or phrase describes you best?

a. Up-to-the-minute

b. Minimalist & Raw

c. Refined

d. Effortlessly Elegant 

e. Relaxed and welcoming

f. Cosmopolitan


Who would you love to host for dinner or drinks?

a. Elon Musk

b. Trent Reznor

c. Kate Middleton

d. Juliette Binoche

e. Martha Stewart

f. All of the above

If You Answered Mostly As...

modern furniture online

If you answered mostly As, your style is sleekly modern. You love the contemporary lines of modern furniture but stop short of being all about utility by balancing neutral colours and clean lines with cosy accents, opulent textures and luxury home decor.

For a formal dining room with a decidedly modern feel, try the Manhattan Glass Dining Table paired with the Manhattan Upholstered Dining Chair to provide a neutral palette perfect for contemporarily elegant place settings and accessories.

If You Answered Mostly Bs...

dining tables online dining furniture online

If you answered mostly Bs, your style is industrial. Your decor has a raw, edgy unfinished look that favours functionality over form. But just because your furniture and floors aren’t finished doesn’t mean you choose pieces without putting any thought into how the wood and metal-dominated design will come together to create a utilitarian look with a unique style all its own.

With its metal frame, leather threading and textural hide seat and back, the Ayres Hide Barstool is in keeping with the industrial aesthetic while offering a distinctive, yet subtle natural accent. Try the Carter Stainless Steel Dining Table in Graphite if you need a multifunctional serve that can easily serve as a draft table, dining table or anything in between.  

If You Answered Mostly Cs...

traditional dining room

If you answered mostly Cs, your style is traditional. You favour classic furniture pieces rendered in rich woods, luxurious leathers and fine fabrics that also offer all the contemporary conveniences necessary in today’s modern homes.  

The Porto Extension Dining Table offers plenty of space and refined and classic appeal with its two extension leaves, cove top and  rich timber treated with a multi-step brindle finish to ensure distinguished shine for years to come, no matter how often you host formal dinner parties. To extend the traditional take with a modern twist, pair the Porto table with the Porto Sling Chair and your finest china.

If You Answered Mostly Ds...

french inspired furniture

If you answered mostly Ds, your style is French-inspired. Whether you favour French country informality or Parisian chic, mixing old and new with an eye toward minimalism in a neutral backdrop offers a sense of style and simple sophistication that allows individual pieces to shine. A cabriole leg is your style préféré. 

For a French farmhouse feel, consider the Dutch Breakfast Dining Table, or comparatively, to achieve a look of urban Parisian style panache, styling my Trellis Silver Leaf Dining Table with the black and gold opulence of the Marie Dining Chairs won't disappoint. 

If You Answered Mostly Es...

hamptons style furniture

If you answered mostly Es, your style is Hamptons-esque. Your relaxed aesthetics take cues from the classic beach homes of the affluent New York City residents, with a decidedly sophisticated influence. Think fresh linens, a white & light neutral colour palate and classic silhouettes. 

My Fanning Linen Dining Chairs make the perfect accompaniment to a dining table with bold proportions; look to my Lennox Dining Table for the ideal partnership. 

If You Answered Mostly Fs

dining room furniture

If you answered mostly Fs, or if your responses were all over the spectrum, your style is eclectic. You prefer to mix and match styles rather than devote decor to one look and love figuring out how to combine different looks to create one cohesive whole.

Try aspects of any of these looks to create your own distinctive dining room decor or browse the tables, chairs, consoles, bar stools, and storage options in my collections to find pieces to suit your diverse decorating style.

Were your quiz results accurate? How do you express your personality through decor and design? Share your thoughts by leaving me a comment below:

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