Something's Happening... Something BIG!


Something’s happening here at Max Sparrow headquarters, and it’s a little too soon to give you all the information, but I’m too excited not to leak just a few details…

This particular event is one I’ve been working toward for a long while, and it’s one I’m sure many of my South Eastern friends are going to be pleased to welcome.

You may have noticed a few of my recent Journal posts have centred on Melbourne furniture and interior design, and there’s good reason for this; Melbournians are known for their innovation in design, and the high caliber of their home aesthetics. I’ve been in Melbourne for these very reasons - and rather think my luxury furniture pieces would suit the sophisticated, contemporary aesthetics Melbourne has come to be associated with, both nationally and internationally.


I’ve been spending time in Melbourne, scouting exceptional spaces to equal the high standards of my furniture ranges, and Melbournians, you’re in luck! The search is over, and now the planning is in full swing! Max Sparrow is officially in Melbourne! I can’t tell you the address just yet, as my renovations are still in progress, but stay tuned – I’ll update you as soon as I can via my social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and my weekly newsletter. If you haven’t already, sign up to be the first to receive exclusive updates. Knowing the result we're working towards behind the scenes, I would highly recommend it.

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