Dining Room Furniture for the Modern Interior

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I’m always looking for gorgeous, versatile furniture pieces that meet functional criteria needed for a home, especially when it comes to multi-purpose spaces. The dining room, living room and - particularly in Australia- outdoor area, are the main spaces most suited to entertaining, so as more and more homes offer a modern open plan aesthetic, I find that it is truly important to create defined spaces using furniture pieces as well as incorporate adaptable dining room furniture that allows for multi-functional use. 

The dining room (or table, for the aforementioned open-plans ) is a space ideal for entertaining, eating, and last minute homework sessions, so you want to ensure the space is both beautiful, and comfortable. When it comes to looking for perfect dining chairs, a silhouette that can be incorporated into both the dining room and living room, offers versatility and style. A current favourite is my Newport Dining Chair; it’s large enough to use as an occasional chair in your living room setting, and not to mention extremely comfortable – its frame perfectly contours your lower back, giving you the best support needed for endless hours of entertaining.

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Alternatively, you can add your favourite occasional chair to your dinner table setting – just make sure you have at least two you can use. Place the two occasional chairs at the heads of the dining table to evenly distribute the difference in height; usually occasional chairs are quite a lot larger, and taller, than the average dining chair, so having the two biggest pieces at either end of the table will create symmetry and balance. My Kagney Leather Occasional Chair is a perfect contender.

Bringing the indoors out is a popular theme in interior design, especially in Australia – there’s nothing better than enjoying our gorgeous weather at any hour of the day. Look for materials that can easily be transitioned from inside to out, such as stainless steel, in order to enjoy the use of your gorgeous dining table in the fresh air - European style! The Max Sparrow Carter Stainless Steel Dining Table in Graphite offers a luxurious, lasting finish and modern sleek profile, although do be sure to move it back indoors for it to retain its upmost beauty. 

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Now that you’re on your way to the perfect versatile dining room furniture setting, look to a stunning bar cabinet to finish off the space in a show-stopping way. A designer furniture piece such as the Max Sparrow Morwell Antiqued Mirror Bar Cabinet is the perfect design to bridge a dining and living space. The dedicated storage for stemware and bottles is discretely hidden beneath the detailed timber body and antiqued mirror door fronts; you can use the surface as a living room console, and the storage for all of your entertaining needs.

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Remember, when maximising your dining room furniture you want to look for three things: scale, materiality, and functionality; these three points will ensure you end up with a versatile and defined space – the rest is all up to style, and your personal design aesthetic.

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