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A highly regarded space in any household; the bedroom is where we seek refuge after a chaotic day and prepare for tomorrow. It is because of this that careful consideration is required in the selections incorporated into the space, especially when researching and selecting bedroom furniture online. With all of the different styles of beds, dressers, and bedside furniture available at the moment, I can understand if finding the perfect pieces can appear daunting; so, follow my quick tips below in order to achieve a serene, luxurious, and dream-worthy bedroom. And of course, feel free to add your comments if I've left an important point out!

Colour Scheme

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Before starting on bedroom furniture selection, one of the most important things to consider when it comes to the bedroom is the effect colour can have on mood. I highly doubt you’d want to be kept awake all night purely because of the colour of the walls. According to colour psychology, warmer hues tend to stimulate our energy levels, whereas cooler hues are more balancing and calming. With this in mind, look for a shades of soft blues and neutrals that will help create a serene atmosphere. Remember the temperature of a colour impacts the overall mood, so opting for a bold sapphire blue or turquoise will result in a restlessness throughout the night.

A Bed to Suit...

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This may be an obvious point, but all too many times I have seen bed selection go awry. My top tip? When selecting a bed, look for a piece that will compliment the scale of the space. If you are working with high ceilings then try something with a tall upholstered headboard such as my Palermo Queen Bed – the size of the headboard will balance the height of the ceiling, whilst the upholstered fabric softens the space with a warm hue and textured linen surface. Likewise, a smaller bedroom space will benefit from a dainty bed design. Look to pieces with thin legs that create the illusion of the piece being off the ground, which can then translate throughout the other bedroom furniture also.

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Luxurious Texture

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Texture is another critical element to include in any space, let alone the bedroom. A selected variety of textures add depth to a space, giving it a comfortable and welcoming allure. Nothing says luxury more than the lustrous sheen of velvet; look to the Max Sparrow Newport Queen Bed to achieve a sophisticated and romantic focal point for your boudoir. The soft texture of the bed-head and frame, allows for juxtaposition of materials when selecting bedside tables; look for something streamlined and smooth – this will contrast against the softness of the bed. Sleek timber nightstands or mirrored bedside tables would complement this setting to stunning effect; the smooth surface introducing another textural element in keeping with the luxe aesthetic. 

Mirrored Furniture 

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For those aiming to achieve a glamorous and sophisticated space especially in the bedroom, there's no going past mirrored furniture. Not only can a mirrored bedside table or mirrored dresser easily complement any style of interior, the reflection of the mirror bounces light around the room, creating the illusion of a larger space. My Able Mirrored Side Table offers just this, providing timeless and elegant allure along with light amplifying traits. 

Bedroom Storage 

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Encompassing the bedside tables or nightstands, and all manner of dressers, bedroom storage is one area not to overlook. Keep clutter at bay for a calming and restorative bedroom space, all the while adding certain style to a classic or contemporary bedroom scheme. Nightstands keep your novel safe, it's bookmark in place, while dressers ensure your socks & jocks are organised accordingly. The walk-in wardrobe is a conversation for another time however...  

No matter your style, statement or subtle, carefully curated bedroom furniture paired with soft hues promise to aid in creating that calming bedroom sanctuary we all dream of.

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