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There’s some contention over the true origins of the Chesterfield sofa and the iconic style it embodies; many believe the Earl of Chesterfield is to thank for the creation of the distinctive sofa and chaise lounge style featuring typical deep button tufting, others believe simply that it’s become an adopted turn of phrase. No matter what story you choose to believe (I myself am a sucker for historical anecdotes), there’s no denying the classic and enduring style the Chesterfield represents, from chaise lounges, sofas and settees to occasional chairs and coordinating ottomans.

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Thanks to classic characteristics and a timeless aesthetic, the Chesterfield style has now graced chairs, chaise lounges and sofas with distinctive and recognisable features; sumptuous leather, button tufting, nail-head trim and not to mention, a Club House silhouette all come together in perfect harmony to allow the Chesterfield to remain the sofa style steadfastly personifying masculine sophistication.

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From the exclusive Gentleman’s Clubs in London to the modern day home, the Chesterfield sofa has become an emblem of British Style; refined, mannerly and noble. Think sumptuous leathers, opulent velvets and masculine proportions, complete with rolled arms for a gracious and distinguished reception.

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Fortunately, the Chesterfields of today embody not only a strong resemblance to the iconic style, but a nod toward modern furnishings and interiors with updated textures for a contemporary aesthetic. Of course, velvets and distressed leathers promise to stand the test of time; there’s no denying the enduring style a classic Chesterfield sofa provides. 

Synonymous with British style, one of my favourite brands, Timothy Oulten, creates Chesterfields with the same attention to detail and hand crafted tufted elements as yester-year:


From what I hear, the Earl of Chesterfield was known to be quite the style tastemaker of his day, and dare I say it, I think we’ve got some similarities… A refined aesthetic and affection toward furniture design are just two to name, so, should he be here today, I believe, like myself, he would appreciate the fine selection of Chesterfield sofas and designer furniture online that my namesake website provides.

Do you prefer Chesterfield Sofas and Chaises with a classically traditional edge, or updated with a contemporary spin? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below:


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