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If you’re like me, you understand the importance of an organised and stylish office space – it is after all the space I spend most of my waking hours in, planning new collections, sourcing luxury furniture pieces to add to my range and keeping up with the world of designer furniture. Between travel, and work, my time is at a premium, therefore, I can’t afford to spend my limited hours on searching for this fabric swatch, or that timber sample. My office, therefore, is a well-oiled machine, organised from my desk, to my bookshelf, and many many storage units.    

It goes without saying that I live and breathe interior style, which is reflected in my everyday and of course, extends to my office space. An organised and stylish office space not only allows for a clear mind and therefore productivity, it provides inspiration for on-going & new furniture collections and reminds me during those difficult tasks, why it’s all worth it (as glamorous as my life may seem, even I am not excluded from routine!).

For those of you who aren’t designer furniture planners or buyers, an organised and stylish office is just as beneficial - aiding in productive study hours, a serene space in which to take care of life-admin, and promoting a feeling of control; I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels flustered at the thought of an untidy office where distractions abound.

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So, if your office needs a bit of TLC, or you’re looking to create a study nook, start with these top tips taken from my own designer office, and be on your way to an appealing and efficient office interior.

  1. “Incomings” Storage Space

Ideally a sideboard, or credenza (read: repurposed dresser or buffet), this storage unit is not only ideal for filing and limiting clutter, the surface provides the opportune space for incoming essentials, in my case, keys and portfolio briefcase (Timothy Oulten, slightly distressed leather, stunning). My Manhattan Dark Oak Buffet works wonders in the office, featuring four drawers and two doors for ample storage of items of various sizes. The wine bottle storage feature is removable, however, I prefer a secret stash handy for impromptu celebrations with my team…

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One of my newest pieces, the Thornley Timber Dresser also provides on this storage aspect with a mix of contemporary and mid-century influences. My storage piece is situated, conveniently, next to the door, so this designated “incomings” space is hard to ignore, freeing up my desk for orderly efficiency.

  1. Uncluttered Desk

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In todays modern world of technology there’s no excuse for documents covering your desk surface and there’s certainly nothing more unproductive than a chaotic workspace. An antidote to this disorder? Keeping the desk free of clutter, as I do. Utilise your storage unit, or consider a desk option with drawers, as not only does a desk (especially my selections) offer unrivalled style, functionality is high on the characteristic list too.

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Of course, selecting the right desk for your office requirements is imperative to this step, whether that be within your home office, or in the workplace. Are you working with a small space, or creating a “nook”? Try the slim profile of my Manhattan Console. Perhaps you’re looking to enhance your space with contemporary sophistication? Don’t go past the gold and Lucite combination in my Knoxville Writing Desk.

designer furniture online designer office furniture

  1. Implement a Desk Lamp

No desk is complete without task lighting, ideal company for late nights and the facilitator of long hours of focus. In my opinion, a desk lamp is the finishing touch in terms of style too, whether the spotlight centre on your notebook, or neatly placed books. On my desk now? The Bastian Desk Lamp, the perfect blend of industrial charm and contemporary appeal to enhance my existing office decor.

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What are your tips to creating an efficient and stylish office space? Share with me in the comments below, after all, aren’t we all looking to be that much more productive at work?

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