Max Sparrow Brings International Furniture to Sydney

As some of you may be aware I’ve put away my passport for a few weeks & have settled in nicely at The Cannery in Rosebery. The blend of commercial and industrial spaces dictate that it's not quite the urban centre of Paris or London, but my sources tell me Rosebery is set to become a new hot spot of Sydney. Already furniture, fashion and design studios have made the move to Rosebery, with delectable cafes and restaurants following. 

Paris or London it may not be, but as a man of the world I'm blessed to make friends with the neighbours globally, and Rosebery doesn't disappoint. Look out for the bright yellow 36 on the corner of Morley & Dunning Ave: you'll find Max HQ here, while high profile style and design magnates Jamie Durie and Megan Morton are just around the corner.  


Another close neighbourhood haunt is the warehouse cafe Kitchen By Mike. It's quite easily become a new favourite for fresh produce and roasted coffee. Think simplicity, seasonality & freshness each day. It’s easy to understand why it’s on my daily hit list. 

And whilst food is on my mind, rumour on Morley Avenue is that Sydney’s best pizza joint, Pizza Mario, is soon to be my downstairs neighbour. With seating for over 100 & a beautiful deck for apéro hour it's all looking a little diet dangerous …perhaps in a few weeks I’ll need a sourcing trip with a health retreat included. 

Signing off from Sydney!

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