An Antidote to Holiday Chaos? A Serene White Interior Palate

 white furniture

I don’t know about you, but after all the glitz, glamour and indulgence of the festive holiday period I’m craving a respite of kinds, to retreat and relax in a soothing space, to reboot for a New Year of interiors and style. My mind instantly associates tranquility with muted palates and seeks out fresh spaces of softly toned whites to promote rejuvenation, so the creation of a white interior, complete with considered layering and luxury texture seems to me, the appropriate and merited, next step toward a much needed serenity.

classic white interior

First and foremost, layering is key. A considered combination of white hues ensures an interior devoid of boredom; layering shades of white is key in maintaining interest and preventing a look of sterile harshness. Additionally, subtle prints and textures won’t fail to add that extra interior design element for understated, yet deliberate, serene refinement. Considered lighting accentuates the depth to a white interior with shadows and highlights, ensuring two-dimensionality is avoided. Look to my Willow Ropeweave Rug in Ivory for the ultimate in textural delight, noticing the highlights and lowlights the thickly woven white wool provides. Not only does the Willow Ropeweave provide visual comfort, the divine materiality provides soft, tactile qualities that are hard to rival. And for those looking for formal luxury, my Whitman Rug offers all the qualities of the Ropeweave, with a subtle iridescent sheen that seems to dance delicately in the light.

white interior design  white living room  white furniture

White stone and marble are of course highly revered in interior design, making welcome appearances across furniture design, architectural details and home décor. Both on-trend and timeless, the cool qualities of stone have proven to stand the test of time, providing classic and contemporary interiors alike with quietly elegant allure. Featuring an expansive marble surface paired with a reflective bright silver cabriole frame, my Wolseley Marble Coffee Table makes the ideal centrepiece to an all white living room, while the natural veins add depth and character.

marble coffee table marble furniture

Light timber and silver accents make ideal companions to an all white interior, while mirror only serves to reflect the muted palate. Not to be ignored, the mod monochrome effect of black and white has not waned in momentum over the years, the contemporary look allows white to be utilised as a strong contrast, making the lighter hue all the more present. None show this more clearly than my Cambridge Contemporary Sofa, the black accent creating a dramatic outline, defining the modern profile. Note: use sparingly, or risk your serene white interior becoming a distinctive space of harsh contrasts (which is another aesthetic for another day…).

white interior design

Located in Birchgrove in Sydney, this stunning living room by Coco Republic Property Styling personifies serene luxury living, provides a faultless example for the desire of a composed white interior, and makes an argument for white interiors to act as a remedy to holiday excess, wouldn’t you agree?

white interiors  white furniture

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