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6 Style Tips for an Elegant Christmas Home

christmas home decor

Holiday season is well and truly upon us; I know I’ve certainly participated in a plethora of family gatherings, cocktail soirees and indulgent end-of-year celebrations. In amongst the chaos of all the festivities, it can be hard to find both the time to style your home and accrue non-clichéd holiday decorating ideas that not only provide for a memorable affair, but also tailor to a unique and personal aesthetic. Fear not, I’ve compiled a short list of essential holiday niches to help you make the most of your time, delight your guests and relish your time at home this festive break.

  1. The Entrance

entrance hall styling christmas home styling

Create a lasting first impression by styling your entry with a welcoming festive touch. Gone are the days of unoriginal green and red Christmas wreaths, replaced with the contemporary stylings of floral arrangements depicting Australia’s take on a merry Christmas. If you’re seeking a creative outlet, be sure to check out Vogue Living’s tutorial on creating your own Christmas wreath. For a subtle nod toward a Christmas theme, without an expiry date, style your entrance hall with luxury décor with hints of metallics; a curated selection of your favourite ceramics atop a unique hall table promise an enduring look suitable for both the festive period and beyond.

  1. Lighting

Undoubtedly a determining factor in any space, lighting has the potential to dramatically alter atmosphere. Considered lighting, used effectively, evokes mood and sets the scene for sophisticated elegance or dramatic and intriguing allure. From candles to table lamps, pendants and floor lamps, a warm glow promises a home both inviting and charming. 

bedroom lighting outdoor dining style

  1. Dining Tables

Christmas luncheons and festive hosting often call for a courteous centre point, while also demanding extra space for a large collective of friends and relatives to congregate: enter the humble dining table. Style the tabletop with floral arrangements for fresh appeal, or create an assembly of candles for the ultimate in moody ambience. Mixing and matching doesn’t always suggest a lack of resources to accommodate a full guest list – a collection of complementary, yet differentiating pieces can create an artful and eclectic look that is at once vibrant and harmonious. The same could be said for dining chairs, creating a dining set of coordinated disarray, with no shortage of fun and casual allure. Of course, the organised host prepares with the incorporation of an extendable dining table, for a refined and structured dining room aesthetic.

christmas dining table ideas christmas dining room


  1. Accents

beverage cart  bar cart

Including, but not limited to side tables, coffee tables, beverage carts, and consoles, an accent piece provides the perfect pace to perch a drink or create a gathering point. At the end of a long day, or night for that matter, a gathering place for those left over is paramount. Partake in the sharing of anecdotes in comfort (and style) with a considered selection of glamorous accents, lifting your home with stylish appeal, proving your design panache and creating a welcoming atmosphere for both you and your guests. I’m doubtful the beverage cart will be one to go unnoticed….

max sparrow side tables

  1. Décor

Personal and unique touches are all too easy with a careful collection of homewares, for a welcome embellishment to existing furnishings and home décor. Innovative flourishes tailored to the season, with fresh takes on time-honoured traditions enhance a sense of distinction and interior flair. Update surfaces with vignettes of your favourite ceramics or glassware to express individuality and style, or curate a selection of cushions to breath a new lease of life into any living room or bedroom

cushions onlinehome decorcushions online

  1. Guest bedroom

Provide a sanctuary encouraging restful repose with soft hues, opulent textures and practical necessities for your guests and guarantee their appreciation. Storage should go without saying, while a relaxing atmosphere is certainly one we all aim for in the bedroom… and it’s all found in the details. Unexpected expressions of thought and care won’t go amiss, while practicality and functionality reinforce the hostess-with-the-mostest trophy. Consider your bedside tables, lighting and linen, and a personal touch to finish it off – fresh floral, or a perhaps christmas treat…

guest bedroom styling guest bedroom style

If you’re wondering where I found my home decoration ideas and interior inspiration images, look no further than my website… and of course, my Pinterest boards. What are your tips for a welcoming abode over the holiday season?

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