5 ways to Style your Home like a Parisian

gold coffee table

Associated with unrivalled style across both fashion and interiors, the French have pioneered a unique flair in design all their own, delivering a look in both elegance and nonchalance all at once. Update your space with Parisian aptitude utilising gold coffee tables, contemporary bedside tables and antique inspired gilded décor, to radiate that French charm we’ve all come to admire. 

  1. Neutral Colour Palate

french inspired dining table 

Ensure a chic and uncomplicated space by starting with, and maintaining a neutral colour palate for that easy-going Parisian effect. Refined furnishings provide for sophistication, while a neutral colour palate promises a timeless aesthetic and understated, subtle elegance. Neutral dining chairs in a light upholstery complimenting a statement timber dining table ensure a look that is contemporary chic, albeit with an enduring appeal. 

  1. Antique Inspired Furniture

chaise chair antiqued mirror gold side table

Antique inspired, ornate furniture with feminine silhouettes and distressed finishes ooze Parisian charm. Try a console table with oh-so French cabriole legs to greet your guests in an entrance lobby, or make a subtle statement with an exquisitely designed side table. Encourage connotations of romantic nostalgia with weathered finishes or antiqued appeal; an antiqued mirror wont fail to provide a touch of time-honoured luxury, similarly, a Parisian bedroom aesthetic is enhanced by vintage inspired designer furniture.

  1. Fuse eras

marble coffee table

A look in restrained and classic sophistication is resilient to trends, much like the enduring appeal of the Champs Elysées, yet the streets of Paris are practised in merging the old with the new seamlessly. Bring this contemporary aesthetic, with a nod to days gone by, into your interior by fusing eras and styles. My Wolseley Marble Coffee Table combines the on-trend, yet timeless aesthetic of marble with the time-honoured appeal of polished chrome and a cabriole silhouette to create an exemplary case for Parisian panache. Juxtaposition of styles offers the ideal opportunity in reflecting a French aesthetic; try the integrating of contemporary bedside tables with an ornate, vintage bed for a look of Parisian nonchalance.

  1. An element of whimsy or the unexpected

bedroom dresser dresser drawer

Inject an element of the unexpected with whimsical décor pieces and surprising elements. Using a furniture piece for something other than it was intended, or a furniture piece featuring an element of unanticipated charm provides the potential for an aesthetic referencing the hailed French. 

  1. Gilded décor and blush tones

Luxury Interior Design

Create a luxurious atmosphere utilising gilded décor and blush tones for the ultimate in Parisian style. Take inspiration from the exclusive Pavillon De Madame, boasting one of the most coveted Parisian addresses and the epitome of French design. Gilded frames and ornate furniture suggest a regal aesthetic unlike any other, complete with intricate detailing and distinctive features for a distinguished allure. Gold highlights and accents make for a subtle take on this look, while gold coffee tables, such as my Copella Coffee Table, convey an understated glamour for a stunning centrepiece to your living room.

From coffee tables to console tables, the French have left their signature touch. Infuse your interior with the aesthetics of Parisian charm and ensure a timeless look of enviable chic and sophisticated style. 

How do you enhance your home with a Parisian vibe? Share with me your hints and tips in the comments below…

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