How To : Dark Walls

Nothing says drama quite like the shadowy, daring boldness of dark walls. Whether that theatre originate in a total matte block of colour enveloping the interior, a moody wallcovering or an accent used sparingly, a dark wall promises to deliver the most extreme of confident luxury. And in the realm of furnishings, nothing will make your prized possessions pop quite like that of a dark background.

It goes without saying; a daring move such as introducing a dark wall requires obligatory preparation for prime results. Use this guide to start your venture down a road less travelled, full of intrigue, mystery and certainly no shortage of modern day drama.

greg natale dark walls

  1. Find the right hue

This may seem like an obvious place to start, however unconsidered, rash moves in this step may lead to less than satisfactory results. Test a range of favourite colours in both natural light and artificial light, in patches large enough to gain an insight into the look as a whole. Test paints are available in for this specific purpose, so take time in deliberating exactly the right hue that works for the interior and lighting, with a tone that compliments any chosen furnishings. Greg Natale is no stranger to the striking effect of a dark wall, pulling the look off to aplomb in his interior design for the Geelong Country house. 

dark wall dining room

  1. Start with a flawless canvas

Prior preparation in this department will almost certainly prevent poor performance. Clean, dry walls will hold paint immaculately for a look of luxury to last over time.

two tone wall


  1. Consider two tone

If this is a first time experimenting with the dark side, consider starting small. A two tone scheme provides subtle drama as well as providing that oh-so elegant look of Parisian sophistication.

dark accent wall


  1. Or, experiment with an accent…

An accent hue promises presence, and an excellent opportunity to test the waters. Need I say more?

dark walls

  1. Don’t Forget Furnishings

Fittingly, furnishings and the process of selecting living room, bedroom or dining room aesthetics is both a favourite past-time and, I believe, most essential move in realizing a desirable interior. Consideration of the overall atmosphere and appeal of a chosen space, including complimenting furnishings and wall hues won’t fail to present a cohesive and lust worthy interior. Unique pieces promise to up the pizazz a dark wall offers; opulent velvets, textured rattan, breezy linen, glamorous silver leaf and not to mention, touches of sleek metals, adding depth, dimension and contrast.

wallpaper interior grassweave wallcovering


  1. Wonder about Wallcoverings

Too often overlooked, wallcoverings offer unparalleled allure not only confined to walls, but extending throughout the whole interior. Subtle texture or bold statement moves with wallpapers or panels provide a dramatic effect and won’t disappoint in offering a range of aesthetics, whether that be tactile luxe in grassweaves, or incomparable glamour in a print incorporating hints of metallics.

Define a space, create a cavernous sanctuary or dissolve boundaries in a small space, all with a contemporary dynamic that provides a rich and interesting atmosphere. Experiment with the edgy, yet inherently luxurious appeal of dark walls… You can thank me later.

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