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Multi-talented in the disciplines of architecture and design, Los Angeles architect and interior designer, Lee Ledbetter, uses these talents to his to his advantage; integrating interiors and architecture through the consideration of furnishings, proportions and lighting from the outset of the project, Ledbetter creates not only an aesthetically pleasing space, but a cohesive interior.

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One such project is his residence on Esplanade Avenue in New Orleans. Called on to renovate an early 19th century home with modern sensibilities that manage to stay true to the historical context, Ledbetter set about returning the home to its original plan, all the while enlarging space for a look and feel of expanse. High ceilings and windows on adjacent facades only serve to reiterate this spaciousness.

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A dramatic palate of neutrals in sumptuous textures such as velvets, silks, leather and furs along with accents of gold were chosen to furnish the home, not only for a timeless appeal with chic sophistication, but to highlight the generous proportions of the rooms and the historical grandeur of the home. Ledbetter even proves his multi-disciplinary talents by custom designing furniture for the project; his opulent and unique sofas deliver on intense luxury, as well as complimenting the remaining furnishings and overall grandeur with both opulence and relevance.

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Although Ledbetter carefully matches cased openings, crown mouldings and baseboards for a renovation sympathetic to historical roots, an injection of modern sophistication keeps the interior current. Contrasting conflicting periods creates a dynamic interior aesthetic and adds contextual depth to the design; a highly sleek glass and gold dining table juxtaposed with 18th century re-upholstered dining chairs provides undeniable contemporary appeal and demonstrates Ledbetter’s penchant for a modernist signature.

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Supporting his forte in all things design, Ledbetter doesn’t shy away from a theatrical intervention; dark walls are the epitome of chic, and in combination with sumptuous, lavish tactile finishes such as fur and gold, Ledbetter delivers on a deluxe palate with dramatic accents.

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A contrasting palate of light and dark, along with deluxe materiality and furnishings provides an overall aesthetic of modern opulence, wielding results that are undeniably lust-worthy.

It's no wonder Ledbetter is regularly featured within top international publications and titles and has been described as “one of twenty outstanding talents in the design community”. 

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