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 tobi tobin interior design

Tobi Tobin has an eye for creating inviting and sensually alluring spaces. It should come as no surprise then that her home is no different; featuring a serene, yet distinct colour palate and her signature touch of unexpected glam with raw luxury, Tobin’s home is a study in timeless bohemian chic.

A Los Angeles based interior designer, Tobin’s style has graced the pages of top tier magazines such as Architectural Digest and House Beautiful, highlighting her unique take on interiors. Not content with mere interior design, Tobin also sources for her eponymous store on Sunset Boulevard, capturing her aesthetic perfectly in layers of textured neutrals.

Although the aesthetic of Tobin’s home could, at times, come across as haphazard, the consistency and relationships between spaces is certainly evident in the restrained palate of textural neutrals throughout. Having honed her style to perfection over the past 15 years, Tobin has curated a home that reflects her design panache, not least her philosophy on design; organic, inviting, tactile and timeless.

tobi tobin dining room style  

An almost excessive use of mirrors open each of the rooms, creating an illusion of space and affording a light filled abode, while vintage pieces pepper the interior and offer a charm only antiqued pieces can in their pre-loved, well-worn state. Contemporary pieces with sleek lines perfectly contrast with distressed rustic silhouettes throughout for an effect of deliberately mismatched precision.

 tobi tobin interior design stairs tobi tobin bedroom

Paired back luxury is found in Tobin’s use of raw materials and her contrast with those highly exclusive elements such as mohair, patina skins and Lucite. Sea grass rugs, reclaimed timber furniture, a capiz shell chandelier, swathes of linen and grassweave wall coverings compliment one another to stunning effect, only made richer with the jewel like accents of onyx, ebony, silks and high-sheen mirrored surfaces. Indulgence is certainly found in the many details and textures, while the slightly mismatched appeal alludes to a collector’s home.

tobi tobin interior design entrance hall 

Not to be missed is the element of unexpected glamour that finishes the aesthetic and defines the interior as Tobin’s; never complete without a dramatic statement piece, preferably in the form of an enviable and unique chandelier

black and white kitchen design  gold chandelier

What do you think about Tobi Tobin’s paired back aesthetic? Is it one that you would mimic at home?

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