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I pride myself on offering furniture online with a point of difference. Certainly one furniture item that whets my design appetite, the chaise lounge, offers no shortage of variety in aesthetic directions while encouraging an almost theatrical atmosphere. Contemporary or traditional, a chaise suggests regal elegance and sophistication unlike any other.

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These regal associations developed over a long history in high society, beginning in Egypt and developing into the daybed type or Kline, often depicted within ancient Greek art; gods and goddesses, fittingly, reclining. Thankfully the French added their influential touch, and the result is the chaise lounge, or aptly translated, “long chair”. Hollywood also rose to the occasion, providing the quintessential glamour element the 1930’s are championed for.

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A chair and an ottoman combined, there’s no looking at a chaise lounge and not understanding it to be the ultimate in leisure, striking the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. And there’s nothing quite like a chaise to update tired bedroom furniture; try one in the corner or by the window for an instant hit of luxury and urban poise.

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A classically influenced piece ensures no lack of welcoming warmth, while contemporary style promises an on-trend refinement for a definitive appeal in modern luxe. Of course style doesn’t end in the bedroom; a living room benefits from the same considerations; Greg Natale expertly applies his interior talents to this stunning media room, proving the chaise is just as relevant as ever. 

greg natale media room

The alternative to the typical chair or armchair, with an abundance in style, the chaise implies an unparalleled romantic charm and design panache of only the very best kind. Accessorise with a side table complete with fresh floral arrangement, and have yourself an inherently chic vignette, ideal for a display of sophisticated indulgence.

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Find a chaise that compliments your current scheme and watch it effortlessly and instantly transform your space with both elegance and glam appeal.

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Do be sure to leave me a comment below on your tips for styling a chaise at home…

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