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Nothing excites me more than finding spectacular new pieces, other than sharing these rare discoveries with you of course. My vision for this recent collection was one of unique sophistication; where silhouette is key, favouring a deluxe materiality and an on-trend palate.

Each piece was required to match a selective criteria, and it goes without saying that I am one tough judge. The finessed result is a collection on-point for summer; gone are the heavy dramatic pieces (although they certainly have their place), and enter airy profiles suggesting unperturbed luxury, with just the right amount of opulence to ensure the Max aesthetic is adhered to.

Without further adieu, I present to you a short selection of new pieces, by no means a full account of my favourites, or you and I will both be here all day….

Bach Collection

contemporary furniture online coffee table ottoman 

A symphony of exquisite textures, a harmony of silhouettes… My new Bach collection is notable for urban rigor and contemporary flavour. Much as Johann Sebastian Bach enriched styles of established music, my Bach collection promises to enrich new or existing interiors with exemplary panache.

The element under-pinning the collection, telescope-like legs, provide a subtle statement in aesthetics, while at the same time coordinate and pull together the series. Cue my Bach Cocktail Ottoman for a casual appeal, rivalled only by an innovative and functional timber tray, while my Bach Channel Back Chair effortlessly combines a contemporary flair with the lavishness of chenille.

Chrome and gold are utilised to equal effect within the collection, neither competing, both outstanding. Gold Bullion makes a glamorous appearance in my Bach Admission Chair, the distinct metal work inspired by a gate in Brussels. The Bach collection adequately meets my criteria, wouldn’t you agree?

Liddell Leather Chaise

modern furniture online

The masculinity of leather meets curvaceous femininity in my new Liddell Leather Chaise, oozing contemporary refinement and suggesting, only as a chaise can, the ultimate in relaxed serenity.

It’s the juxtaposition that continues to hold sway over my attraction to the Liddell; the warm, organic form of leather reclining over the striking, sleek metal base provides the best of clean minimalism, comfort in mind.

Personifying modern luxe, the Liddell Leather Chaise meets my vision for the new collection and is where I’ll be spending my summer days in an indulgent requiescence.

Kelsey High Back Chair

high back wing chair luxury furniture online

Refined grandeur meets a casual disposition in my new Kelsey High Back Chair. Fresh linen upholstery and subtle pleated detail suggest a modernity that the classic profile would debate, creating the perfect blend of old and new, while allowing a stylistic timelessness and versatility rarely obtainable. This enduring allure means I’ll be stealing time away in the Kelsey, not just now, but over many years to come.

Barrie Chair

thonet inspired cane chair  occasional chairs online

The newest addition to my study, the Barrie Chair takes influence from the iconic Thonet style, then adds a panache all it’s own. Robust and fine all at once, the Barrie offers unexpected details in accents of chrome, richly textured caned back, and leather seat providing for an indulgent finish with all the charm necessary to ensure this piece will stand the test of time.

Hartfield Coffee Table

stone top timber coffee table Positive character traits are certainly an aspect of design that the Hartfield Coffee Table does not lack. And it’s not just that the Hartfield Coffee Table has this abundance of traits, it’s that they work so beautifully in conjunction with one another… A cool travertine stone keeps this piece on trend, while a slender timber base nods toward a modernist aesthetic and a woven rope shelf provides the perfect touch of unexpected detail for casual appeal. The Hartfield Coffee Table aims to please, and does so with seemingly effortless style. 

Burges Nesting Tables

nesting tables online luxury furniture 

Minimalist appeal has never been so luxurious! Clean lines provide the basis to the restrained design, only made better by the Italian washed antiqued mirror surfaces. Combined with all the advantages nesting tables provide, the Burges Nesting Tables won’t fail to enhance an interior with only the most contemporary of sophistications. 

Sherwood Mirror

antiqued wall mirror online

Make a statement on your wall with the Sherwood Mirror; indulging yet again in my penchant for antiqued mirror, the Sherwood Mirror is my answer to an injection of subtle vintage charm, with all that modern day glamour we’ve come to associate with a distressed aesthetic and romantic notion.

Lyndon Sofa

 beige contemporary modular sofa online

Don’t underestimate the extreme levels of comfort my new Lyndon Sofa provides, and it does so with style in mind. Sink into the deep seating, with over scaled track arms and fresh upholstery, all wrapped together in a contemporary low profile to act as an anchor within a living space. I’ll be spending my holiday evenings here; after long hot days in the Australian sun, this is the perfect place to recline in comfort. 

Ellison Dining Table

 dining table online sydney dining table online furniture

On trend geometrics are reimagined in my new Ellison Dining Table, providing subtle suggestions toward an architectural influence. One can’t help but think of iconic Parisian attractions such as the Louvre and complexities of the Eiffel Tower when faced with the multifaceted chrome base.

Light in scale and large on impact, the distinct chrome structure gives way to a soft zebrawood surface, perfecting the art of contrasting and complimenting all at once. Tres chic.

Sancerre Striped Rug

 black and white striped rug black and white striped rug

Speaking of Parisian aesthetics, a classic stripe never dates. Nor does it fail to lift an interior with quintessential French style. Go bold, or opt for subtle linear distinction, either way, my new Sancerre Striped Rug promises a deluxe appeal, with all the hard-wearing qualities of a flat weave rug and the added outdoor qualities of hand woven texture. And there’s certainly no shortage of colours to chose from, allowing the Sancerre Striped Rug a stylish place in any home or outdoor space.

Casual summer luxury reigns true in my latest collection of new products, and I can say with certainty it won't be my last. Join me in admiring the new comers to my collection and the subtle suggestions they make into the ideal way to spend lazy summer days….

What’s your favourite piece from my new ranges? Let me know in the comments below…

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