Stylist in Focus : John Mangila

John Mangila doesn’t shy away from colour in his recent work for Home Beautiful Magazine, and he certainly doesn’t shy away from exemplary style. 

As his title would suggest, John Mangila, Stylist, is blessed with a brilliant eye towards all things ‘style’. His online portfolio showcases his talent in extreme breadth; proving Mangila is without a doubt, able to adapt his learned-eye to almost any theme.

His deliberate interior moves and his seemingly spontaneous use of colour for the recent Home Beautiful Magazine bring layers of luxe jewel-tones and moody accents to the forefront. Balanced with subtle lighting and significant textured elements, Magnila’s efforts make an impact on each page that are certainly hard to ignore.

Max Sparrow Furniture Online  

Featuring among the foray of décor pieces, textiles and sculptural-like furniture design, my Camile Side Table provides the perfect focal point within the contrasting, yet complimenting, layers of form and texture; the sphere like base reflecting and distorting the surrounds for an additional element of intrigue.

 metallic side table living room

Similarly, my Swanson Tiered Spot Table makes a subtle statement, providing a hint of metallic luxury in only the most contemporary of fashions; the ombré effect graduating from a deep brass to a lighter copper, the undulating profile all the better for the shadows and highlights, emphasising its lustrous effect on the remainder of the opulent room.

patterned blue rug contemporary furniture florence broadhurst 

Not to be missed, my Florence Broadhurst Aubrey Rug contrasts wonderfully with the multiple layers within this space, juxtaposition at every turn. Featuring contemporary elements alongside a statement-making traditional piece, Mangila expertly combines clean lines and hard-carved sculptural detail to create a space for today’s aesthetics, while blending the opulence of modern silhouettes with the warmth and comfort that only a historical piece can provide. Underpinning it all, my Florence Broadhurst rug provides the graphic pattern that the space so calls for, along with its own historical element; although the intriguing life and story of Florence Broadhurst is one for another day…

 Max Sparrow Home Beautiful Bedroom  dining tea setting home beautiful

It’s evident that Mangila’s overall approach is both thoughtful and considered, not least within his work for Home Beautiful, providing for a prodigious outcome, married in studied actions and grand effect. 

What's your favourite element within this unique spread, styled by John Mangila?