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Secluded in the Place des Vosges, a salon apartment in true seventeenth century style awaits, providing a mysterious sanctuary known to only a rare few and allowing an induction into an exclusive and private Paris…

traditional french facade Pavillon De Madame

Off the Rue Du Pas De La Mule, Pavillon De Madame sits nestled in amongst the culturally significant architecture and gardens of the Place des Vosges, the oldest formal square in Paris, boasting the most coveted Parisian addresses since the 17th century. Providing that rare mix of bohemian glamour combined with noble lineage, both Place des Vosges and its resident Pavillon De Madame, offer a rare sight into a secretive and private Paris.

Luxury Bathroom Design   Side Table Classic Linen

Luxury Hotel Interior Design   Traditional Classic Staircase and Banaster

Featuring a bespoke interior, perfected by designer Jacques Grange, the Pavillon De Madame exudes an unrivalled sophistication, striking the flawless balance between cultural grandeur and sumptuous repose. Grange, a stylist and interior architect, is widely recognised for his quintessentially French aesthetic, and with clients such as Yves Saint Laurent and the Rothschild’s, it’s clear that Grange is no stranger to private Paris and society clientele. Fitting, as the original tenancy was that of Marie Touchet, the sole mistress and grand courtesan to Charles the IV.

Luxury Traditional Living Room

Viewing the space as a treasured jewel, Grange set to work dressing it accordingly, with swathes of rich textures in a sensual, muted palate. Impressive antiques, in keeping with the historical elements, along with the grandiose architecture, help to reinforce the élite and noble nature of the salon apartment. The sense of luxury is further felt in original designs by Grange, distinct décor, bespoke textiles, exclusive joinery and luxurious hand loomed rugs; the last word in opulence and comfort. Add to the mix a refined spirit, and these interiors are personal, generous, and exceedingly intimate.

Boutique Luxury Hotel Interior Design

Featuring a not-to-be-missed grand entrance along with two stunningly appointed formal salons for entertaining, and library of sublime tranquility the Pavillon De Madame takes interiors beyond the essential, into regal territory. The appeal of each space reflects the notion of a secluded, noble home created for indulgence, exclusivity and intimacy.

Luxury Boutique Hotel Pavillon De Madame

A step outside the Pavillon De Madame presents an offering too good to resist; the winding cobbled streets of Le Marais comprise of an enchanting fusion of ancient tea rooms, small museums, sophisticated bars and cult restaurants along with chic vintage and high-fashion specialty stores.

The air of Le Marais is electric with the intimate and creative dreams of young designers, juxtaposed against the fierce glamour of those who seek them out; the Pavillon De Madame is a fitting respite.

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