Antiqued Mirror is Having a Moment

Antiqued Mirror Wall

Antiqued mirror is having a moment, as timeless as it is. I’m seeing antiqued mirror crop up everywhere from antiqued wall mirrors, to antiqued mirror sideboards and, a personal favourite, antiqued mirror tiles & splashbacks.

Antiqued Mirror Sydney - Coco Republic

With all the benefits of regular mirror, antiqued mirror offers an unexpected vintage charm, often finding home in the most contemporary of furniture and interiors. Unrivalled for soft, sophisticated luxury, antiqued mirror provides for a subtle aged effect with all the modern day glamour that a distressed aesthetic promises.

Mirror Side Table - Eloise Gold Side Table - Max Sparrow 

Subtle and unexpected hints of antiqued mirror can be just as arresting as larger expanses; my Eloise Side Table is the perfect example, pairing the allure of both silver leaf and oxidized mirror in enviable style.

The effect the natural variances provide ensures that no two pieces of antiqued mirror are entirely the same, allowing the finish an almost exclusive uniqueness; possibly my favourite characteristic, the unique mottled façade suggests both intrigue and a nostalgic romance.

Square Mirror - Datt Wall Mirror  Round Mirror - Octagon Antiqued Mirror

Reimagining the humble wall mirror, my Datt Mirror is certainly the piece to add luxurious flair with antiqued mirror's edge. My Antique Octagon Mirror is no different, providing a point of difference on the quintessential round mirror.

Coco Republic - Elle Decor - Bathroom Mirror Side Table

Sitting a-top the classical base of the Oly San Francisco’s Tony Side Table, antiqued mirror takes a somewhat unconventional station for a bathroom mirror, as seen in a back issue of Elle Décor, circa 2010. The subtle surface detail brings old and new elements together seamlessly & allows for limitless interior applications. Undeniably chic, the application of antiqued mirror, en masse or as a subtle detail, has an outcome as one of beauty, and mysterious allure.

Antiqued Mirror Beverage Cart - Max Sparrow

Be sure to visit my store, Max Sparrow for a range of mirrors online, but don’t be constrained just there, furniture pieces featuring this coveted finish are hidden treasures!

And on that note, I’ll leave you with an antiqued mirror buffet from Coco Republic, featuring designer furniture online to make just about anyone swoon. The Elisabeth Buffet by Oly San Francisco:

Antiqued Mirror Buffet - Coco Republic

 Be sure to leave a comment below on your favourite application of antiqued mirror...

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