5 Ingenuious Examples of Metal in Architecture and Furniture Design


contemporary metal bed

The recent opening of the Len Lye Centre in New Zealand had me thinking about metal in its various forms. Truly one of the most versatile materials, metal has the opportunity to create the most exceptionally luxe effects in high sheen, or take us back to days gone by with a slight distressed and warped feel. Whatever the aesthetic application, metal has an answer.

Influenced by the façade of the Len Lye, I looked at 5 contemporary architecture structures & noticed some common characteristics with a few of my favourite furniture and homewares designs…

Max Sparrow - Modern Side TableMax Sparrow - Modern Architecture and Furniture Design

Fabricated using stainless steel, the arresting façade of the Len Lye Centre by Patterson Associates provides for a dramatic addition to the existing structures of the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery. Creating rippled distortions of adjacent buildings, the Len Lye creates a striking silhouette, not dissimilar to the ombre effect of my Swanson Tiered Spot Table. Admittedly not fabricated from a metal, the silver leaf finish on my modern side table replicates the reflective nature of metals, with softly graduating brass to silver hues for the contemporary interiors of today.

Max Sparrow - Occasional Chairs Max Sparrow - Tadao Ando
Equally as intricate, the façade of the Yu-un House by iconic architect Tadao Ando and the distinctive curved back of my Jacques Round Back Arm Chair both feature a contemporary geometric detail, engineered to provide a luxury aesthetic. High shine, plenty of movement and certainly no lack of modern day allure define both the Jacques Occasional Chair and the architectural detail displayed in Ando’s residence, redefining the terms designer furniture, and designer architecture alike.

Max Sparrow - Contemporary Bedroom FurnitureMax Sparrow - Architecture and Furniture Design

While we all agree, I do have a penchant for the leather bed frame, I’d like to highlight a new option in modern bedroom furniture, my Connery Queen Bed. The interwoven silver and gold mesh defining the unique design, is not unlike the light structure atop the Jewish Centre in Munich. Since the concept of the centres design was the integration between the new & existing aspects of the city, it’s fitting that the materiality of the Connery Queen Bed allows for seamless incorporation within a variety of interior bedroom designs.

Lighting - Max Sparrow - Interiors Max Sparrow - Lighting

Filtering light and allowing for delicate creation of shadows, the perforated screens defining the K-House in Sao Paolo mimic the nature of my Riad Ball Pendant Lights. Perfectly stunning at night as well as during the day, both the K-House and the Riad Pendants emit a special kind of glow, with influences from Moroccan design. Now on show in both my Sydney and Brisbane galleries, my Riad Ball Pendant Light emulates that coveted Moorish architecture aesthetic.

 Max Sparrow - Coco Republic - Desks OnlineCoco Republic - Max Sparrow - Timothy Oulton My love for both travel and leisure is evident in my admiration toward all things aviation. Technically not architecture, but an engineering feat in itself, aircraft design holds sway in my design and style repertoire. It is understandable then, that when one of my favourite designers, Timothy Oulton produced the Valkyrie Desk, mimicking the wing of an aircraft in a hand paneled finish and oh-so sleek profile, my heart was all of a flutter.


Do you have an example of stunning architectural influenced product design? Be sure to leave a comment below...

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