One Sofa, Four Looks

Max Sparrow - One Sofa, Four Looks

Whether it be an Industrial look you crave, Casual Sophistication, Moody Luxe or Elegant Minimalism, the Oxford Contemporary Chesterfield Sofa has all these styles (and more) covered. How can one sofa fulfil so many briefs? Well, I'm about to fill you in...


Warehouse Industrialism

Max Sparrow - Chesterfield Sofa - Warehouse Industrial

Soaring ceilings and plenty of natural light define the typical converted warehouse apartment. Whether the space is seeped in tradition, or gives off that coveted industrial vibe, a lofty warehouse space benefits from a touch of warmth through use of timber and furnishings sympathetic to an era, to create an inviting interior.

Cue my Oxford Contemporary Chesterfield Sofa; the perfect mix of old & new, this piece emulates the bringing together of styles that the warehouse space often does so well. Providing both sophistication and raw simplicity all at once, it goes without saying that my Oxford Chesterfield Sofa gives this warehouse the restrained luxury it so clearly displays.


Casual Sophistication

Max Sparrow - Casual Luxe Sofa Max Sparrow - Oxford Sofa

For a fresh approach to your interior with a high-end aesthetic & the allure of an approachable space, layer soft natural finishes such as wool and timber, with hints of soft metallics. Introducing a subtle accent colour such as a deep blue or fresh green will add interest and bring this look into the now.

For a refined, yet casual ambience, my Oxford Contemporary Chesterfield Sofa provides for all of the above in this obliging space; a textured timber frame and soft herringbone upholstery provides for that sought after casual luxe, while the tufting and chrome accents bring the casual aesthetic into a state of sophistication. My Marquette Coffee Table is the perfect companion with its clean lines and geometric profile. If low maintenance and enduring style is for you, this is your look.


Moody Luxe

Max Sparrow - Alexander Pollock Interiors

Opulence and luxury come to mind when I see my Oxford Contemporary Chesterfield Sofa in this stunning space by Alexander Pollock Interiors. Layers of texture define this space, along with a range of complementing statement pieces, helping this home to convey both a warm indulgence alongside a modern elegance. The careful execution of design, and loyalty to a neutral colour palate in warm tones, has allowed for an intensely lavish experience, without crossing into dreaded sensory-overload territory. And if you don’t mind my saying so, doesn’t the Oxford Sofa compliment this aesthetic perfectly?


Elegant Minimalism

Max Sparrow - Contemporary Chesterfield

Sometimes less is more and this couldn’t be more evident than in this sublime space, displaying all the top qualities of elegant minimalism.

The look is undeniably fresh, yet serene, with a soft colour palate and accents of warm metallics.

My Oxford Contemporary Chesterfield Sofa provides paired back luxury to complete this space with brilliant results. Plenty of natural light and a lofty ceiling height deliver the finishing touches to the composed, yet tranquil interior. 

Ease of style reigns true in the Oxford Sofa, and I’m positive there are plenty of stunning schemes I’ve yet to see featuring this versatile piece… So tell me, how would you style this piece?


Max Sparrow Oxford Contemporary Chesterfield Sofa

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