The Right Rug



People often ask me for advice on the best rug choice for a variety of different applications, so in the spirit of delightful floor art, read on to ensure your next rug is the right rug. 


It’s true, sometimes there are just too many beautiful rugs to choose from, but to whittle down your options, start by determining what kind of space your rug will be in to establish the best materiality for both aesthetics and purpose:


Artsilk – Luxury starts with an artsilk rug. Notice the subtle way the light dances along the surface and no angle provides exactly the same colour, an artsilk is perfect for formal living or dining areas to provide that finishing touch of elegance and style. The elements of this kind of rug means that cleaning may not be as simple as a flatweave, so if there are children and spaghetti involved, keep a close eye on the investment beneath your feet.


Flatweave – One for the ages, a flatweave rug will stand the test of time. Usually made from organic fibers, a flatweave rug is easy to clean, extra durable and provides that easy, casual look that never goes out of style


Woven – A personal favorite, the texture of a woven rug can’t be beaten. Equally divine under a bed or in a living area, a woven rug provides for sumptuous layering possibilities and subtle interest. Not ideal under furniture that moves such as dining settings, as furniture legs are prone to pulling at the weaves.


Tufted – My go to add distinctive pattern to an interior, tufted rugs are ideal for under dining tables, in the living room and the bedroom. The 100% wool aspect & sturdy construction of my tufted rugs means that they are ideal for high traffic areas. 


Now I could go on, but I’d like to finish with introducing my Indoor/Outdoor rug range, which are incredibly fun to style both within your interior space and even by the pool…


Size does matter. There’s a general rule of thumb for dining settings; allow up to 1500mm from the edge of the table to the edge of the rug – simply to grant your guests enough space to pull out the chair without lifting the perimeter of your rug.


Rugs are my number one for anchoring and defining a living space. If you are lucky enough to have a cavernous living room, a large rug will help to make this space feel cohesive. Whether your space is ‘significant’ or ‘space saving’, aim to place at a minimum the front legs of each of your seating elements on the rug. This goes for the bedroom too, try to place your rug half way under the bed, extending out another half. You want enough rug surface either side that the start to each of your mornings is with a warm greeting from your obliging new floor covering.


I wish you and your new rug many happy years together, 





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