Sneaky Swindles for Small Spaces


Small spaces can be tricky to furnish, but with the right decor deceptions up your sleeve, creating a scheme to make your interior seem more spacious is child’s play.


My first tip, utilise mirrors. A large mirror along a wall can help create the illusion of more space and is the oldest trick in the book, but to take it to the next level, invest in mirrored furniture pieces; my Able Mirrored Storage Unit will do the trick, and for a unique piece with pizazz, I cant go past the Mia Queen Headboard from my other favourite, Coco Republic.


Glass helps in creating the illusion of ore space, simply by not hindering your sight line. This trick works particularly well with coffee tables; with my Marquette Coffee Table doing just this, and at the same time providing a stunning silhouette. Dining Tables are not exempt from this handy hint…


Versatile or multifunctional pieces aren’t just great for the hip pocket; investing in ingenious design, such as my Georgia Coffee Table Set, allows for clever placement of separate pieces – from a long coffee table utilising all 3 pieces, or a coffee table and two side tables – the choice rests with you!


Clutter. Sometimes clearing away that extra disarray can make all the difference and unexpected storage is leading the way in organisation. My Savoy Ottoman is the mecca in space illusion; providing storage while at the same time acting as a multifunctional piece for seating.

And lucky last, pulling your furnishings off the floor. And no I’m not talking about zero gravity; thin legs to prop your pieces up will allow for more floor space to be seen. My Brittany Side Table does just this with aplomb, and my Jameson Sofa, well, need I say more…




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