Holding On

Hello, dear readers, and welcome to another of my musings. The new year has started, the sun is shining, and I sit in my home listening to the sound of the trees rustling in the wind. How fortunate I am to have such a life.

And as I sit and look around my office, I find myself noticing just how many possessions I own that I have not made the time to display or even to use. After all, I am a very busy man with the responsibility of providing my loyal customers with the best possible products for their homes.

The pieces in my office vary from items such as an old ship model I once received from a friend, to a chipped, old-fashioned inkwell that I accidentally knocked off my desk a few months ago. But how much of my belongings do I really need, and why am I holding onto the rest?

If anybody had asked me even a day ago if I was a hoarder of items, I would have laughed at them and denied it. Now, however, I am not so sure. And so something must be done.

I pride myself on the style that I bring to my interior designs, particularly in regards to the clean, simple lines that defines the Hamptons look I love. And so I’ve gone back through and chosen some of my favourite room designs for sharing, in which I know I recall removing a large amount of clutter.

For example, in the following room the brilliant painting on the wall was almost obscured by a large lamp and a vase of wilting flowers. It was almost a crime to cover up this stunning piece of  artwork in such a way.

At one point during the furnishing of the following room, there was another style of pillow in a light shade of green that accompanied the cushions currently lounging on the sofa. There was also a side table with a vase, and two bowls accompanying the pot plant on the table.

What brought me to my senses was the matching hue of the cushions to the plant. For this room I did not want the items to match in colour, but rather to be in complementary tones that would lift the whole room without being too dependent on a single colour to achieve cohesivity.

If you do happen to be a person who enjoys having bits and pieces around for you to see and use, whether it be a stack of books or you simply enjoying having a variety of plants around, then you must be clever in your storage and display options.

For example, this charming bookshelf holds a wide array of items that could be construed as clutter, such as a small vase of flowers, several stacks of books, and a lovely decanter. But the key isn’t how much there is, but how it has been displayed. By using the light wood and arranging the items on the shelves so they are not too close together, what would be construed as a mess if it was on the desk has become a decorative feature in the room.

And now I have the impetus I needed to begin the sorting of my own office. Perhaps I should swing by the store and pick up a display case such as this for my office as well?

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