Final Touches

Adding the final touches to a room can be hard work, particularly if you want to get it right. As I have spent quite a few years with this task, I can empathise with the difficulty you may be going through in your pursuit of the perfect adornment to your coffee tables, feature walls, and bookshelves.

Ultimately what you should strive to do is find a cohesive balance between the furniture and the homewares you use, as when this balance is not apparent it can result in a discordant appearance.

Often the only items that are needed for a side table or bureau is a lamp and something small, such as in this room. And the little pot plant is precisely the right shade to complement the armchair.

This charming glossy black bowl and golden lamp base work perfectly together to bring both the light and dark hues from the wood of this side table. The smooth sheen of the wood grain reflects the metallic silver feature dividing the wood, as well as the glow of the lamp and the shadow of the bowl.

The moment I first saw this black lamp with speckled silver circles I knew it would be the perfect finishing touch to this room. Without the depth and detail of the lamp, the white of the sofa and silver of the table would have been too light for the atmosphere I was striving to bring to life.

And I must give credit to my design team for the placement of the little black vase with white buds blooming. They add an element of fragility to the very solid furniture around it.

I have often found in my extensive career of furnishing rooms that a touch of green is the perfect way to finish a room. The colour green is, in my experience, an eminently soothing colour, and one which should be present in every area of a home. Whether that be through a hanging plant, flowers in a vase or the decor itself, it matters not.

Simplicity is the key word that comes to mind when I look back over this room. Matching armchairs with inviting cushions, a polished cream side table, and a single glass vase with two fern leaves protruding elegantly - what more could a room need?

And as a little extra help for the next time you are adding the finishing touches to your home, my trick is to make it look clutterless. Clutter is a sign of disorganisation, so choose minimalist designs and clean lines for finishing touches that are guaranteed to look stylish.

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