Bring Manhattan to You

Bonjour, mes enfants. Forgive me my French, but I have recently returned from another of my whirlwind jaunts across the Atlantic. My first stop was the lovely lady of Paris, and despite her years she remains as beautiful and romantic as ever.

My last stop was the island of Manhattan, who is a different style of lady altogether. Filled with gusto and impatience, she is as bold as she is bright.

You may recall, dear friends, a recent rumination I wrote on the fine city of New York and a few places that I wished to share with you. However, an aspect I neglected to touch on was how to bring the style of Manhattan into your home, no matter where in the world you are.

And so here we are, ready to bring a touch of contemporary New York to your interior.

I must say, one of my favourite aspects of Manhattan style is how bespoke pieces of wooden furniture are celebrated as art in themselves. This delightful aspect designed by Vicente Wolf is the perfect representation of this concept. Perhaps a new look to steal for my summer home?

Choosing the right wallpaper could be all you need to revitalise the energy in your home with a touch of New York zest. And for inspiration, my first stop will always be Trove wallpaper. Inspired by the century-old flower market in the heart of Manhattan, these wall coverings are art in their own right.

I find the background strokes reminiscent of Monet’s Water Lilies, and the perfect complement to the white-washed floor. Don’t you agree?

Seating is an important feature of any home, and a key consideration will always be the style of seating you choose.

For a New York loft-style appearance in your living room, earthy colours and wooden accents are the ideal tones to give the impression of light and elegance.  Only see how welcoming this living room is thanks to these simply stylish armchairs.

But as beautiful as the Manhattan style is in all its forms, a common mistake I see being made is people trying too hard to bring as many aspects of New York as possible into their home. And, as I have told them and now will tell you, sometimes all you need is the perfect Manhattan piece to bring a wealth of beauty into your home.

Now that I have shared with you my wisdom on the Manhattan style, it is time for you to begin. Enjoy your time decorating, and keep your eyes peeled for bespoke Manhattan pieces.

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