Christmas Inspiration

A frequent lament I hear at this time of year is ‘Where has the year gone?’ Sometimes it is said with a sigh, other times with a hint of despair as thoughts of how much must be completed before Christmas rise.

I am a firm believer in the practice of choosing the gift to suit the person, and I must confess to pride that thus far my gift choices are generally met with cries of delight. However I never let myself get complacent, and every year I search high and low to find the perfect gifts for those I love.

Here are some of my favourite bespoke pieces to give as a Christmas gift this year.

The first item that caught my fancy during my Christmas shopping was this beautiful Quique box from my dear friends at Coco Republic. The Japanese-inspired box is able to be locked, and so is perfect for keeping special trinkets inside.

The shagreen texture contrasts wonderfully with the sheen of the gold leaf stripe. Perhaps I shall by one for myself as well ...

Next on my treasure list is an item from my own collection, and is something no coffee table should be without. A wooden Noughts and Crosses Set, this old-fashioned game is the ideal way to finish off Christmas day with the family.

If your special someone’s walls are looking a bit bare, why not solve the problem for them with this subtly intriguing Claude Mirror from Coco Republic? Ivory-toned, the diminutive trapezoids of the outer ring are covered in a soft faux shagreen leather. I love how the geometric shapes highlight the textured pattern of the shagreen, don’t you?

Although it may seem self-serving to have another item from my collection on this list, I couldn’t resist sharing these delightfully whimsical pineapple salad servers. As a part of my Pineapple Cutlery collection, these servers will add a touch of tropical luxury to your table this festive season.

No matter what gift you choose for your friends and family this year, the most important piece of advice I can give you is to think of the person when you are buying. For example, there is little point in buying your special someone a beautiful piece of art if it doesn’t suit their home or personality.

Trust your instincts, my dears, and you will not go wrong.

Happy shopping!

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