Colour coordinated

Welcome, my dear friends, to another of my ruminations. Recently a close friend of mine asked a favour of me, and being an obliging sort I promptly offered my services in any capacity I could assist. Thankfully, the task was a fairly interesting one - they were planning on buying a new home, and asked that I provide my discerning eye and attention to detail to assist them when viewing potential properties.

So it was that for the following weekends I found myself visiting several open homes, and the primary opinion I took away from a great deal of them was that many people do not seem to understand the concept of correct colour coordination.

I shudder to remember some of the pairings that misguided folk had put together - fuschia feature walls with aubergine furniture, lime rugs paired with blood orange couches … the list goes on.

To prevent such a fate from befalling your home, here are some colour coordination examples that are aesthetically pleasing to all, and will add style to any room.

Neutral colours are classic for a reason, and it’s very hard to go wrong with a palette of ivory, beige, and sand coloured decor. This bedroom is the perfect illustration of using neutral colours to create a cool and inviting abode.

If you do prefer more colour in a room, it is important the colours be harmonious. When using a strong colour such as purple, I recommend you limit the amount of shades and patterns in that colour to prevent an overwhelming effect. In this room, keeping the remaining furniture and decor monochromatic has allowed the purple to stand out without looking overdone.

For a subtle burst of colour, why not choose a single focal piece for a room that can lend warmth to its surrounds? It could be a vivid and engaging piece of artwork, or - as in the below example - an inviting sofa in a dusky red.

But ultimately, the best advice I can leave you with is the old saying Less is more. In my experience, this has been tested and proven true, as the smallest amount of colour can be all that is needed to turn an ordinary residence into an elegant space.

Until next time, au revoir mes enfants, and happy decorating!

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