Romantic Rendezvous

Romance ... the word brings a sigh to the lips and a longing in the heart. A touch of romance is all that is needed to banish the memory of a bad day, gloss over the trials of work, and bring lovers closer together. For myself, a romantic evening out is not complete without delectable dishes, dim lighting, and a certain ambience.

Unfortunately these requirements can be hard to achieve, and so dear friends I have decided to give you an advantage when planning your next romantic rendezvous by sharing with you my favourite restaurants in Sydney for a special night.


Awarded three hats by the Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Food Guide, and with a delectable menu designed by chef extraordinaire Peter Gilmore, Quay is my idea of an ideal romantic night out.

And you must try their infamous Snow Egg - this dessert of strawberries and guava will melt in your mouth and leave you yearning for more.

Momofuko Seiobo

Now, I must admit - and it will come as no surprise to many of you - I dislike the garishness and harsh lights of casinos in general. However, when it comes to visiting Momofuko Seiobo I am always pleasantly surprised when I cross from the uniformity of the gambling area of Star City casino into an ambience of classical style. And I particularly enjoy the panache with which patrons are served food that has been cooked before them.

My recommendation? When ordering the degustation, go with the matching wines and sakes. They complement the food exquisitely.


Ahhh Rockpool, no best restaurant list would be complete without it. Also a three hatted restaurant, this restaurant may be lacking the unique outlook of waterfront restaurants like Quay, but more than makes up for it in other ways, particularly the decor. The stunning green marble columns create a classical atmosphere, and perfectly accents the dark woods used for the furniture.

And in regards to the menu, the braised beef cheek sukiyaki is my first choice every time. A succulent piece of prime meat, it is served with juicy winter melon, gem lettuce, and tendon.


And last, but most definitely not least, is Sepia on Sussex Street. The result of a collaborative venture by renowned Australian chef Martin Benn and George Costi of De Costi Seafoods, this restaurant is the perfect location for a romantic evening with your significant other. When I walk through the doors I feel transported back in time to the early 1900’s - I can almost see the handsome bartender pouring brandy into cut-crystal glasses ... willowy women wearing fringed dresses and feathered bands in their hair ... gentlemen huddled together at the bar discussing the stock market ... oh what a time to have been alive.

The degustation menu is reminiscent of the feasts of old, when noble men and women would be waited upon throughout the meal and have an abundance of selection. My personal favourite dish was the seared Mandagery Creek venison, served with sansho pepper, caramelised Jerusalem artichoke, a delightful shaved sheet of pumpkin, and raspberry.

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