Green Living

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and spring is in the air once again. Sitting outside of my home I am struck anew by the plethora of colours in front of me, and above all I come back to a personal favourite - green. The gentle whispering of golden-green palm fronds, the rustling of moss-green pansy stems … is there anything more peaceful?

Today when others talk about ‘green living’ they are generally referring to the use of sustainable materials in their home. While this is a noble pursuit and one that I wholeheartedly endorse, for myself green living means something a little more.

The colour green signifies harmony, and the presence of nature within a home. And when paired with the natural fibres of wood and a neutral colour palette, green can be a focus piece for the most elegant of rooms. And it’s not hard to achieve. This Hamptons style home is brought to life with the touches of greenery placed throughout the room, and provide an excellent foil for the stacked stone mantelpiece.

Of course, if you wish for your green to be less subtle, this living room is a divine source of inspiration. My congratulations to the designer of this home for their ability to subtly introduce green as the primary colour without it appearing too much. The charming urn within the metal container continues to draw my attention and appreciation … perhaps I have found my next acquisition?

Some of you, my dear friends, may remember a piece I wrote not so long ago of my love for the written word. Whether it be a dusty old tome bound in rich leather or a modern thriller with crisp white pages, I will read it all with verve. And where better to sink into an alternate world than this delightful reading room? As you sway gently in the hammock, the sunlight streaming through the greenery, lose yourself into your book and understand the meaning of true relaxation.

Green is a diverse colour, and can be used throughout the home regardless of a room’s function. And it’s important to remember that the same shade of green does not necessarily have to be used in a space. Take this fetching dining area, for example. The spearmint hue of the chairs, the lime green plant in the window, the apple green goblet on the table … this room exudes a cheerfulness purely through these touches of colour.

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