Coastal Living

My oh my, where has the year gone? Suddenly it is spring, and summer is just around the corner. It is at times like this that I like to think and reflect on the styles and trends I most enjoy during the warmer months of the year, and one that I find myself returning to year after year is the idea of coastal living.

And what does this coastal lifestyle entail, you may ask? Think clean lines, clear surfaces, and casual elegance.


My dear friends at Coco Republic have achieved the quintessential coastal design with their Oly San Francisco collection, and here I’m going to talk you through what they’ve done and how you can re-create it in your home.

Firstly, I would like to start in their featured living room. Not only are the simple, light colours well-suited for a beach house, but their inspired use of angled lines in the bookcase add an element of intricacy to an otherwise-ordinary item.

I must also commend the designer for their subtle highlights of natural colour, through their inclusion of natural woods and the subtle stone-grey of the featured image.

Now to the dining room. I personally think that this room is an ideal melding of beach casual with modern elegance, don’t you agree?

The pale gold of the flooring and light-coloured furniture has been contrasted with the stone-grey colour of the wall, while the splashes of colour on the hanging lamp shade draws the eye towards the ceiling. And I am particularly rapt with the metallic sheen of this coffee table … something to pursue for my summer home, perhaps?

And finally we come to the bedroom, that soothing abode in which you wake up each morning energised and ready to greet the day.

In regards to this particular the bedroom, I’m intrigued by the style of bed that my friends at Coco Republic have worked with. It brings to mind the olden style canopy beds that were at one time de rigeur, but still allows for the fresh outlook needed to achieve true beach-style decor. It’s a fine line to balance, but here it is done with such panache as to seem effortless.

And there you have it, dear readers. As you begin turning your thoughts to summer and decorating your home for the warmer months, follow the stylish examples set by the lovely designers at Coco Republic. Think cloud-white furniture, natural woods, and simple accent colours for the perfect coastal living home.

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