New York, New York

Ah, New York. A city of iconic landmarks, historic architecture, and cultural genius. It is home to millions of people, all of whom contribute to making this city great in one way or another. After all, if there is no audience then what is a performer?

I have visited New York City several times now and, having decided to recently share my views of London, it seemed remiss of me to not mention this bustling metropolis. Explore the wonders of the Statue of Liberty, experience the delicacies made in Chinatown, and revel in the luxury of a classic hotel.

Hotel: The Waldorf Astoria

Before setting off to explore the sights and sounds, it’s best to settle in to your hotel room. After you have entered from Park Avenue through the marble-floored lobby, take the time to admire the gold detailing and polished shine of the elevator as you ascend skyward to your abode.

If you’re looking for the best, then the Royal Suite is the perfect choice. Featuring gold and blue detailing, a crystal chandelier, and a perfectly tuned baby grand piano, I must confess I did indeed feel like royalty.

Fine art life: Sotheby’s

For the discerning fine art collector, you will be in paradise from the first moment you walk into Sotheby’s auction house. With more than 100 high-profile auctions held at the New York City headquarters a year, collectors travel from all over the world for the opportunity to bid on these unique pieces of art.

A tale of two cities

Before I travelled to New York last, I was woefully ignorant as to just how much history this city is home to. Few people would think when walking past a graffitied wall in Midtown East that there may be something special to see, and I was previously counted among their number. You can imagine my surprise upon being told that this piece of wall is in fact a remnant of the Berlin Wall.

It saddens me greatly to think that such a poignant reminder of such a dark period in the history of humanity is now overlooked, but I take hope in the belief that by imparting this knowledge to you, my dear friends, you will stop a moment by this wall when next on Madison Avenue in New York City.

Shopping: Hellman-Chang

Whenever I find myself in Brooklyn, I make the effort to stop in at the hand-made furniture headquarters of Hellman-Chang. Their embodiment of the ‘Brooklyn Renaissance’ furniture movement piqued my interest from the start, and now I am enraptured by their sleek, bold lines.

This dining table of theirs can also double as a meeting room table, and the workmanship involved is stunning. The simplicity of the piece serves to highlight the quality of the wood, and the length of the table is accentuated by the groove dissecting the middle of the wood.

Perhaps next time we meet, New York City and I will become better acquainted. But for now we say farewell, and I look ahead to the next adventure. Where to now, you ask? Wait and see, my friends, wait and see ...

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