Designer Dining

Recently I had the immense pleasure of dining at the home of one of my dear friends in Melbourne, and as we were sitting at his dining table I began to think on how well he had coordinated his home. His use of sleek lines and soft tones were the perfect foil for the handcrafted rug beneath our feet, and the dark wood of the dining chairs were reminiscent of the trees beyond the window

The right dining room will encourage conversation, goodwill, and the lingering enjoyment of it’s inhabitants over a sugary treat at the end of a meal. This is a lot to ask of a single room, but a few exceptionally talented folk have managed to achieve this ideal.

My designer friends at Coco Republic are responsible for the creation of this beachside penthouse dining room, and don’t you agree they’ve done a spectacular job? A spectacular aspect of this room is the wooden chandelier, and is the perfect focal point for this simplistic room.

Many of you are aware that my dear friend Timothy Oulton’s works provide me with regular inspiration for my own furnishings, so it is no surprise I draw on his creative genius now. Timothy’s ‘Age of Elegance’ dining room captured my fascination the first moment I saw it, and now I have taken the time to look at the individual items, I find I am increasingly captivated. The mismatched, covered dining chairs perfectly complement the intricate pedestals that form the table’s base, and the aspen horns adorning the magnums of champagne add a depth that is so sadly missing from interiors today.

If your tastes run to more modern styles, why not take a leaf out of New York designer Jonathan Adler’s book? Long have I admired Jonathan’s eye when it comes to clean lines and unique designs, and his pioneering of the irreverent luxury aesthetic has earned him my everlasting respect.

In this setting , I particularly enjoy the unusual table stand that he has employed to add individuality to the entire layout. Such pieces impart a sense of personality to a room, and can improve the ambience with relatively little effort.

And finally we arrive at one of my favourite dining room layouts … which is only fitting as I designed it myself. The French Riviera has long been a favoured destination of mine, and our Cote D’Azur dining table represents what I love most about this mediterranean region. The polished timber inlay arrowing inwards adds subtle intrigue, while the silver painted edging gives a touch of whimsy to a practical object.

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