Spring Has Sprung

As Gerard Hopkins once said, “Nothing is so beautiful as spring”, and now that spring is finally here, I want to take this opportunity to reflect a little on what I envisage when I dream of sunnier settings... 

Spring is colourful flowers drifting down from a jacaranda tree, it’s the drone of bees flying lazily in the garden, it’s smiles and laughter in the sunshine with friends.

After the darkness of winter, spring is the light that draws us outside and into beautiful landscapes. Here are a few gorgeous garden designs which I find embody everything listed above.

This tranquil space, envisaged and brought into creation by Australian landscape designer Jamie Durie, is the ideal low-maintenance outdoor area. The serene lily pads floating in the water feature, the charming raised wooden bench, and the contrasting greenery all add to its aesthetic appeal.

I particularly enjoy how they’ve used the hammock-style seat as a focal point for the space. I would be tempted to spend all my time there, wouldn’t you?


I must confess I don’t have much of a green thumb when it comes to gardening, but I’d like to think I can appreciate the gardening styles of others more because I know I could not do it myself. South Australian gardening extraordinaire Caroline Dawes is one such person that I admire. I think my favourite item in this backyard is the adorable wooden bench on which you could sit and quietly contemplate the lush plants around you.


For those living in near-city suburbs and apartments without access to a personal backyard, there are still ways for you to create the perfect garden. Magic, you say? Well, it can certainly be magical, but the latest trend for vertical gardens is nothing more than clever.

A vertical garden is the perfect solution for those who do not have the space for a proper garden, but long for the cheerful faces of flowers to greet them when they venture outside in the mornings. This garden from Eden Now gives you an idea of the beauty that can be achieved on any wall once you add a little creativity.

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