Wallpaper Wonders

Friends, I know I may not seem like a wallpaper man...but perhaps that’s because you’re thinking of the wrong wallpaper? It can be used to make a dull room sing or a meagre space exciting. And believe me, I’ve seen enough on my travels to know.

Now, wallpaper has come a long way since your grandmother used it. No more frumpy shades and tiresome patterns, these days designers hold the reins and are creating stunning images that evoke a sense of fun, intrigue and adventure!

The right paper can set the mood for the entire room. Love nature? Turn your bedroom into a forest. Wish you could be in a library all day? Bring the books to your walls! I think this globe wallpaper would rather suit me, don’t you think?

Have I changed your mind yet? If not, then these breathtaking wallpaper designs from Trove will. They are so delicate and yet you cannot take your eyes off them.


Trove was founded by the talented artists Jee Levin and Randall Buck and their work has been picked up by many celebrities to be used in their homes, along with Club Monaco and W Hotels.

This particular collection was inspired by New York’s 100 year old flower market in Manhattan, which is why the designs depict ethereal butterflies, flowers and birds. Trove continues this admiration for nature by creating eco-friendly wallpaper materials that will last 140 years.

More recently, Sarah Ellison has brought wallpaper to the design fore with her bold and energetic patterns. Her new collection is named ‘Light of Heart’ and channels a chic, Sydney coastal vibe.

Ellison said that “The collection was inspired by beach-side living in the city. I wanted it to have a calmness, like the water, but still lots of energy.” The collection is available exclusively through Emily Ziz Style Studio.

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