Beautiful Bathrooms

Admit it. You love going to a bar, restaurant or hotel and discovering that the bathrooms are absolutely stunning. Sleek counter tops, huge sculpture-like bowls as sinks, soft lights following the curve of a mirror like icing. In fact, I’d go as far as to say the bathroom can make or break your experience of any given venue (we’ve all cringed at a poorly done bathroom before). Here’s how I prefer my bathrooms...

The San Giorgio Mykonos hotel lies among the Greek Islands, neatly tucked between Paradise Beach and Paraga. In the classic white-washed building lies 33 rooms saturated in a style that can only be described as relaxed, luxury bohemian. They are simple but utterly liveable - rustic wooden furniture, natural fibres,  hand-sewn hammocks, white linen - and no television in site!

The bathrooms are all in soft stone and wood with small, hand-picked accessories - wicker baskets under the sink, a wooden ladder in a corner - and it is this attention to detail that makes it a bathroom that is both homely and very designer.

Following on from the natural theme, I adore a bathroom that brings the outside in with wide windows and glass stretching to the roof to allow natural light to spread its fingers across the floor.


Who knew that teak, the most popular all-rounder of the woods, could be used as a bath? Those ever-elegant Danes are well known for using teak in design, and they ran wild with it in the 20th century. Yet we can thank the Londonites from The Water Monopoly for this enviable tub.

Speaking of which, I’m also very fond of a classic copper bath. Pair with marble and glass for a touch of old world charm among all that modernity.

The NoMad hotel in New York is also a fan of all things old, and their bathrooms nod towards tradition with polished wooden floors, dark tones and European walk-in bathrooms where only a printed screen separates bed and bath (speaking of which, I love their claw-footed tubs). Makes you feel like sinking into a bubble bath right now, doesn’t it? We can dream...

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