Sharp as Glass

Nothing says sleek, modern design quite like copious amounts of glass. I’ll take my glass interrupted and stretching from floor to ceiling, thank you. Glass walls, ceilings and windows are essential for bringing the outdoors, in and letting light flood into all corners of the home. Yet glass can be used in smaller amounts with vases, decanters and lights to add an edge of modern grace. Take a look as I share a few of my most loved uses of glass...

To seamlessly blend your interior and exterior environments, take inspiration from this Scandinavian Kekkilä modular garden shed, by Avanto Architects. It’s as close as anyone could get to existing within nature (and without a tent!) Just a thin, translucent pane between you and the earth.

Ville Hara designer Linda Bergroth loved the concept so much that she constructed one on her property and now it sits, quietly existing, on the edge of a remote Finnish Island as her summer retreat. - and what a retreat it must be! Leisurely watching the day turn, the flowers unfurl and the woodland creatures dart about - close enough to touch - but all from the comfort of her bed.

My muse Timothy Oulton is a keen glass enthusiast and uses it to stunning effect in lights, lamps and chandeliers. He launched his new collection this year and is bringing light to the depths of winter with his delicate, ephemeral designs. Take the much talked about Phylum Pendant light from his Coastal Drift collection. Light and simple while also terribly elegant, it’s created from hand blown glass. It has a rustic and almost industrial quality, while remaining entirely modern.

For a bolder statement, there is Oulton’s Zig Zag Chandelier that presents a cylinder of delicate glass spheres that refract light around the room. Beautiful. Need I say more?

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