Every Reader’s Dream

You may have noticed, I can’t deny a fabulous read, and it’s true! I admit it - I am an avid reader and adore sinking into a comfortable lounge, breathing in dusty pages and losing myself in a story. When reading, I feel utterly transported.

Perhaps I’m not the only one. Have you ever gazed in awe when you enter a grand library? Every book speaks of a journey, whispers of magical tales, far-flung adventures and mysterious travels... I smile at the thought.

An absolute classic library is certainly the one at the No Mad Hotel. Dim lights, polished wood, dark red chesterfield lounges, a sweeping staircase imported from France... and everywhere leather bound books illuminated in their shelves. At first, I could only stare. Then I sat and enjoyed tea and a few snacks while I languidly flipped through the pages of a book that detailed the history of New York. It is a memory I expect will remain with me for quite some time.

For something lighter and more intimate, take a look at this miniature library built within a home in Paris. Quite the opposite to a traditional library; it is airy, private and simple. I imagine it to be the perfect spot to take time out to work on projects, perhaps write, draw and research.

If you’re short on space but want to proudly display your book collection (and who doesn’t?) then consider using those shelves in a clever way like this wall beside a staircase. It also serves to create a gorgeous little book nook, tucked away under the stairs - like Harry Potter!

Or perhaps you could create a book nook under a shelf or window ledge? There is always space for a little private spot like this and always (yes - always) time somewhere in our day to read.

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