Raw Beauty

Dear Friends,

Have you ever walked into a restaurant, a bar or an art gallery where the walls are bare brick and the floors shine with polished concrete? I find myself quite distracted by the sight. These may long have been basic building materials but clever interior designers know how to make them sing with personality in modern and minimalist homes.


Concrete may long have been the bane of designers with its dull and simple surface but it can be truly versatile. With its undeniable durability, it can be moulded into the most fascinating shapes, such as floating steps jutting out from a wall, stunning bathroom sinks or even a glossed kitchen bench (to name a few).


Concrete is also a way to embrace on-trend greys in your home. Concrete interiors make me feel as though I am stepping through an art gallery with the furniture as art (which it is, of course). However, it must be said that an all-grey palette reminds me of a rainy day, so to depict a warmer atmosphere, my suggestion would be bold colours. Perhaps a bright red chair, a navy rug or aqua throw?


Exposed brick work is a way to bring character to any indoor space. Used rustically in fireplaces or painted for a dark and modernist look, brick adds a tactile layer to rooms. Build on the senses with soft furnishings that make you want to throw yourself down and lie for hours, like a cat in the sun (an enviable life...)

Raw, industrial style is utterly on-trend at the moment but I’d encourage designers to stay away from over-utilising neutrals in tandem. I love the warehouse feel but who wants to sleep in one?

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