Timothy Oulton’s British Sensibilities

The time has come for me to admit my utter fascination with the life and works of Timothy Oulton. With an enviable 30 galleries across the globe, Oulton is quite the James Bond figure, one day flitting from a party in Panama, the next to a meeting in Moscow (sound like someone you know?) As such a figure of inspiration I decided to delve a little deeper in order to find out about this bold character...

Born in Manchester, Oulton’s love affair with fine furniture began when he started working for his father’s store ‘Halo Antiques’. Quickly becoming dissatisfied with the world of antiques, (however taking a piece of it with him) he began creating furniture which walked the fine line between vintage and modern. He specialises in furniture made of handcrafted, reclaimed wood from such dark and uninhabited places as old English Manors, distilleries and mills, all with breathtaking attention to detail. The best part of it all is that every piece made is one of a kind.

So, where exactly does Oulton’s classic English sensibility stem from? Think old world leather bound books, curious bowler hats, industrial metal, 50’s packing cases, fireplaces, union jack flags, etc, etc… It’s eclectic, traditional but undeniably fresh. So take inspiration from the old boy and add a touch of colonial class to your interiors.

If you’d like to see Oulton’s work in the flesh, you’re best bet would be to swing by Coco Republic’s Design Centre in Alexandria where you’ll view inspiring rooms full to the brim with Oulton’s daring furniture, lighting and bric a brac. Or for Melbournites you can view Oulton’s showroom at 488 Church St, Richmond. Personally, I’d quite like to spend some time among collections with names the likes of ‘Adventurer’, ‘Coastal Drift’ and ‘Age of Elegance’ (if I do say so myself…which I will)...

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