Rideable Art

I adore how clever European nations have integrated bikes into their lives. In Paris I often see business people slipping past standstill traffic on their bikes. After all, I’m a fan of anything that gets you out into fresh air and happens to help the world while you’re at it!

Yet you may find yourself wondering, “Where do those riders keep their bikes?” (That is, assuming they’re not taking advantage of the brilliant bike share scheme that countries like France and Germany employ.) Bike lovers are far too attached to their two wheeled friends to simply leave them chained up outside. No, no - their glamorous bicycles can be found inside where they can be admired, like the practical pieces of art they are.

You see, many design aficionados incorporate their bicycles into their homes - and why wouldn’t you? Some are as glamorous as sculpture. Coco Republic offer Luna Bicycles that have stunning hand-upholstered seats in Argentinian leather and sleek high grade aluminium frames! I love mine for its little satchel attached and often cruise the side streets of Paris, stopping here and there for at un caffé by The River Seine.

I’ve seen bikes intelligently mounted on bare concrete walls or along an unadorned hallway. Horizontal or vertical, I must say they stand out as unique statement pieces, and more than that, they act as art that truly tells a story reflecting their owners. And that, dear friends, is what art and design should really be about.

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