Meandering Through Moroccan Souks

Let me tell of you of the first time I visited a Moroccan souk. These traditional markets are held in the old medina’s of Arab towns and some of my favourites have been in Marrakech, Ouarzazate and Essaouira (to name a few). Yet Fes was my first, and dear friends I must say, I was impressed.

Fes is a labyrinth of cobblestone streets and alleyways of which I was soon lost, intrigued by the bright colours and humble sounds. Silver Berber knives glinted from dark corners, with the reds and oranges of hand woven rugs hanging like bright hues of an autumn forest. Rows upon rows of ceramics and jewelry glittered in saffron, cobalt blue, dusty terracotta and the brightest golds - it was a sight!

Foreign aromas swept through me also. All at once I could smell the mounds of spices, leather, tea and livestock. The sound of haggling and music overlapped from around unseen corners. Truly, it was magnificent.

Ever since my time in Fes, I have visited quite a few souks and been inspired by them each and every time. I like to infuse a little Moroccan flair within my more modern aesthetics, with hints of patterns and bright colours in pillows, printed fabrics and throws. They work well against the neutrals tones of minimalist spaces and seek to add some spice (along with all things nice, I might add)...

Materials such as pounded silver, metal, matte stone, coloured glass and hand woven fabric all speak of these faraway nooks and can be incorporated into any room under the keen watch of an avid designer, (with my key recommendation being to pair these materials with wooden floors, white furniture and softly toned wallpapers). Gorgeous objects like glass lanterns and tea sets, candles and wooden carvings can also be scattered around a room to give a well travelled and eclectic feel to a home - but I’ll leave that for you to decide...

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