Sculptural Inspiration from Kelly Wearstler

I must admit to a growing love for the work of interior designer Kelly Wearstler. While she might be best known for her opulent hotel interior designs, it is her bold metal sculptures that have captured my attention as of late.

Metallic artworks are a clever way to add glamour to a room, as well as adding character and intrigue. Bring flat walls alive by mounting sculptures on them, breaking up the linearity of a space with vivid geometric designs. Wearstler is well known for striking knots, spiked balls, oversized anatomy and letters. She uses marble, bronze and pyrite with abandon but you could also consider such materials as bone, horn, ceramics, stone and mirror.

Interestingly, Wearstler’s sculptural elements extend to her furniture, with curved chairs set to envelop you, ottomans that could sit in an art gallery, and tables  that branch out as if to grow into the very ground. “I look at every piece of furniture and every object as an individual sculpture,” the infamous interior designer once said. With this in mind, perhaps we could all imagine our homes as a canvas where we select palettes, choose furniture, and arrange items into a whole artwork that speaks volumes about our personalities.

Like myself, Wearstler is an incorrigible traveller who searches for inspiration in the back alleys, nooks and crannies of the world. She brings a notebook wherever she goes because, as I well know, inspiration can strike at any time. I myself love some metallic flair in my furniture, particularly when it comes to side tables and striking chairs.

Bringing a fierce and glamorous attitude to anything she touches, Wearstler is certainly not afraid to clash elements and make bold statements with her art. And for that, I simply must applaud her.

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